Education Degree Program in China - Sports Training

1. Introduction

Sports Training is to improve the athletic ability and performance of the athletes, under the guidance of the coach, organize e planned sports activities; it is an important part of competitive sports. The main participants in the sports training are athletes and coaches, not the general sports participants. It is an organized and planned activity; its purpose is to improve the level of training, to lay the foundation for acquiring sports performance.

2. Important Concepts

1) Adaptation process: adaptation is the process of the inner and external environment of an organic body to achieve balance constantly.

The role of training adaptation is reflected in the following three aspects:

First of all, training adaption is the biology that functions of the human body continuously improves.

Secondly, the training adaptation is the biological condition of developing the competitive state.

Thirdly, the training adaptation is the biological basis of the theory of sports training.

The emergence and development of the training adaptation process are influenced by many factors, such as the exercise load, the recovery process, the physical condition and mental state, etc., in which the load and recovery play a decisive role. Therefore, in the process of training adaption, more attention should be paid to the process of recovery, which is the necessary prerequisite for the formation of the training.

2) Exercise load

In the process of training, increasing the load must be step by step.

Master the relationship between the load and the recovery.

Properly collocate load and load intensity

According to the different tasks of training and the characteristics of the exercise, arrange the load.

Strengthen the use of medical supervision and recovery measures

3) Performance

3. Characteristics

1) The specificity of the application object

2) High intensive exercise load

3) Professional operation method

4) The practice of evaluation of effect

4. Principles of Training

1) Competition needs and orientation development principles

2) Principles of system training and cycle arrangement

3) The principle of group training and differentiated treatment

4) Appropriate load and the principle of real time recovery

5) Oriented incentive and effective control principle

5. Sports Principles

Non discontinuity



Treat differently

6. Training Methods

Training methods often used in sports training include repeat training method, transform training method, interval training method, competition law, comprehensive training method, etc.

7. Training Objectives

The program mainly cultivates coaches with high-level specialized skills, the basic theory and basic knowledge of sports training, can be engaged in professional training, amateur training and special guidance teachers and high-quality, high-skilled application-oriented sports talents who guide national fitness activities and be  competent in sports competition organization and management. The discipline trains senior specialized talents with the basic theory and basic knowledge of competitive sports related, master the basic ability of sports related social and sports activities and can be engaged in the sports teaching, research, management and other aspects work.

8. Training Requirements

The specialty is a general term of programs of competitive sports related activities; the students mainly study the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills competitive sports related, master the basic ability of being engaged in competitive sports related social activities.

9. Major Categories

The main items include basketball, badminton, tennis, track and field, gymnastics, weightlifting, judo, taekwondo, wrestling, shooting, martial arts routine, free combat, etc.

10. Main Subjects

Sports news, sports tourism, sports management, sports education, etc.

11. Courses

News (sports news direction): ancient literary history, now contemporary literary history, literary appreciation, introduction to journalism, spread science, advertising, sports journalism, sports match reports, news writing, news commentary, news interview, presenter of the monograph, radio and television probability theory, applied writing, contemporary news editing, journalism history, etc

Tourism (sports tourism direction): tourism management, laws and policies of tourism, tourism geography, tourism psychology, tourism economics, tourism marketing, tourism accounting, tourism generality, tourism culture, tourism resources development and management, landscape planning and management, tourism security, financial management of travel and tourism, tourism projects, tourism information system, etc

Management (sport management direction): public administration, public policy, human resource management, secretarial management, electronic government introduction, administration, public relations, etc

Education (physical education direction): sports training, majoring program theory and practice, campaign material, sports nutrition and recovery, management of sport training, sports psychology, sports physiology, sports biomechanics, education, etc

The main practical teaching: including graduation thesis, practice and social practice

12. Knowledge Ability

1), Master the basic theories and basic knowledge of sports technology discipline, sports human discipline and educational psychology;

2), Master the analysis methods and techniques of general athletic training and special sports training;

3), with the basic ability to engage in special sports training and teaching, competition organization and the referee, etc.

4), familiar with the principles, policies and regulations of sports training, sports competition, etc;

5). Understand the development trend of general athletic training and special sports training.

13. Similar Programs

Physical education, social sports

14. Common Terms

Physical training, sports quality, sports technique, sports tactics, sports strategy, training periods, training levels, training level, training methods, the intelligence training, will training, training critical recovery training, competition status, quantity and strength, special ability, determination of evaluation, training mechanism


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