Management Degree Program in China - Standardization Management

 1. Introduction

Standardization Management is an activity in order to get the best order in the production, operation, management of enterprises, make rules to the actual or potential problems, MBA and other common management education take standardized management system construction included.

Technical standards are the technical standards for the development of things that need to be unified and coordinated in technical activities. It is based on the level of science and technology in different periods and practical experience, in view of the technical problems that are universal and repetitive, and put forward the best solution.

Management standard is the specific standard of management activities and management in enterprises in order to guarantee and improve the quality of products and achieve the total quality objectives. According to the scope of work, the standard can be divided into international standards, national standards and ministerial standards and enterprise standards. In the production process of the status of points, and raw materials standards, parts standards, technology and equipment standards, product standards, etc.. In the standardization work, and usually the standard is summarized as: basic standards, product standards, methods and standards of health and safety standards.

2. Application

Standardization is the highest form of institutionalization, can be applied to the production, development, design, management and other aspects, is a very effective way to work. As an enterprise can win in the market competition, determines the enterprise of vital importance. The standardization work of enterprises cannot play a role in the market competition, which determines the status of standardization in the enterprise and the existence value.

3. Stage and Steps

According to the experience of the countries of the world, enterprise standardization work needs to climb three steps.

The first step, to develop a good can accurately reflect the market demand, so that customers are satisfied with the product standards;

The second step, establish a product standard as the core of the effective standard system;

The third step, the standardization to the depth, the use of a variety of standardized forms to support product development.

4. Industrial Engineering

The so-called standardization is to take a variety of specifications, such as: rules, regulations, standards, and methods the enterprise has to form literal things, these norms form the text of the things is referred to as the standard (or standard book). The formulation of standards, and then in accordance with the standard action is referred to as the standardization. Those who think that the establishment or modification of the standard that has completed the standardization of the point of view is wrong, only through the guidance; training can be considered to be the implementation of the standardization.

Innovation and standardization are the 2 wheels for the enterprise to improve management level. Improving innovation is the driving force to improve the management level of enterprises, and the standard is to prevent the enterprise management level of the braking force. Without standardization, enterprises cannot be maintained at a higher level of management.

First, the four major objectives of standardization: technical reserves, improve efficiency, prevent recurrence, education and training

Second, the standardization of 6S system

First of all, we need to confirm the production rhythm.

Secondly, the process of production process, analysis of the characteristics of the production process, to develop the process, set the key control point.

Third, the standardization of production operations

Finally, we need to constantly improve and improve the standardization process (also known as the standard maintenance), that is often said SDCA - standardization, implementation, inspection, summary (adjustment) model.

5. Requirements

1) goal orientation

2)  show the reason and result

3) accurate

4) quantitative - specific

5) reality

6. Process

1) sort out the business status quo, to lay the foundation for the standard system

2) clarify the relationship between the position and the process, and lay the foundation for the automatic generation of the working standard.

3) the implementation of end to end process optimization, enhance the core business competitiveness

4) based on the process system, build the enterprise standard system

5 ) through the fusion of multi management system to ensure the implementation of the standard landing


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