Why study Economics and Business in China

 Economics is the study of how people deploy resources to meet human needs. Economists are interested in incentives and prices, earnings and employment, investments and trade among many things. Study economics in china, give a student an excellent way to acquire problem-solving skills and develop a logical, ordered way of looking at problems. Economic studies in Chinese Universities enable student to succeed in a wide variety of business activities. To study any of economics discipline in China allows a student to participate in more successful increasingly knowledge-based and interdependent global economy of the twenty-first century. 

All of the Chinese universities with offer economics courses are registered and recognized by Ministry of Education, the courses provides those universities must provide the tools to analyze the trade-offs that individuals, firms, and government confront because of limited resources. It considers the choices that are made, the social context in which they take place and the implications for human welfare. It is known that most significant social problems have an economics dimension in many nations including China. To resolve this issue most of Chinese universities have trained a large number of economists at undergraduate, masters and Ph.D levels, those graduate work in most popular economic institutions all over the world. The urge contribution that China provide to economic development in many countries, have a success because of well trained economist. 
In Chinese universities, undergraduate in economics takes 4 years, masters 2-3 years and Doctorate 3-4 years. Any of this degree in any of economics discipline gives a graduate to have long term employment because economists will always be needed in the expansion of global trade, and growth in developing economies means there will always be work for bright economists trained by Chinese universities. Study Economics in China makes a graduate able to spot the next major trend. Economics graduates from any of Chinese university have a chance to be employed in a range of posts which may, or may not, be related to the discipline they studied. Most of them work in manufacturing, transport, communication, banking, insurance, Investment and retailing industries, as well as government agencies. 
Like in other field China Universities have recently started to teach economics in English medium language in order to share it numerous experiences in economics teaching with the rest of the word. Today foreign students who join Chinese universities to study economics have been increased, and there is a hope that the number will continue to increase.  Good learning environment, recognized universities, opportunities for scholarships, lower cost tuition fee, economic education curriculum, are among the attractive factors for foreign students to study economics in China. In economic programs a student learn how economics is truly all around us, and present in almost every aspect of our lives. 
Most of economics disciplines like Accounting, Finance and Banking, International Trade, International Economics & Business, Insurance Accounting & Finance; Business statistics are now taught in English and available in most of Chinese universities. From undergraduate, masters and Doctorate’s, those programs taught in English medium language with outstanding teachers and quite advanced teaching resources. After 4 years in any of the above discipline a successful student’s awarded Bachelor’s degree which can be used everywhere in the world. To be awarded master’s degree in any economic discipline a candidate needs to accomplish course work plus research work within 2 or 3 years. For Ph.D degree a student needs to successful complete all the required course work and research work within 3-4 years. The various economic disciplines taught in English language give students a generalist understanding of the world we live in and its inner workings. Students learn everything from what determines the prices of goods and services to why the average standards of living vary so widely within and between the countries. 
For foreign students to be admitted by any of the Chinese university in economics program taught in English, have to demonstrate the ability to follow the courses in English, means that a student must show that their previous education was taught in English, or their instruction language in his/her country is English, or have successful done one of the recognized international English Test. In addition to the core courses which taught in English, a foreign student in all Chinese universities with economic program get a chance to study Chinese language and Chinese culture which are now used in most corners of the world, this increase the chance for a student who pursue their economic studies in China to get a good job in any of Chinese company all over the world. 

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