Business Degree Program in China - Technical Economics

1. Introduction

Technological Economics is the science that studies the economic problems and economic laws in the field of technology, the science that studies the mutual relationship between the technology progress and economic growth, studies the best allocation of resources in the technical field, the science looking for the best combination of technology and economy in order to develop.

It is a scientific research on the economic effects of various technical measures and technical measures to be adopted in the process of reproduction under certain social conditions from the economic angle. The main purpose of technical economics research is to apply technology to economic development, including the development of new technology and new products, the comprehensive utilization of resources and the comprehensive demonstration of the development of productive forces. Technology economics research is not pure technology, nor pure economy, but the relationship between the two, that is, the combination of technology and economy to study, in order to select the best technical solutions.

2. Research Objects

1) The relationship theory, technical economics is the study of the relationship between technology and economy in order to achieve the best equipped of the two disciplines.

2) Factor theory, technical economics is a subject that studies the optimal combination of technical factors and economic factors.

3) Problem theory, study the production and construction of technical and economic problems in the field of science and technology.

4) Motivation theory, research how to use technology resources reasonably, scientifically and effectively, so as to make it become the power of economic growth.

5) Effect theory, study the economic effect of technical activities.

6) Comprehensive theory (system theory), study the big systematic structure, function and the law consisting of technology, economy, society, ecology and value.

3. Research Content

1) From the point of view of the global scope, technological economics studies the effect of technological progress on economic development speed, proportion, effect, structure, as well as their best relationship; the rational distribution of productive forces and reasonable transfer of; direction of investment, project selection problem; energy source and reduce expenditure, production and supply, development and transportation, the optimal choice; scheme argumentation of technology introduction; in the use of foreign investment and repayment, the introduction of feasibility research and introduction of economic effect evaluation; technology policy argumentation, materials circulation mode and channel selection problems and so on.

2) From the department and the business scope, technological economics researches site selection argumentation, enterprise scale analysis, product direction assurance, technology equipment selection, use and updating analysis, selection of raw materials line, economic effect analysis of new technology and new process, argumentation and evaluation of new product development and so on.

3) From the various stages of production and construction, technical economics studies experimental research, survey and investigation, planning and design, construction, operation, and all phases of technical and economic problems, technical and economic analysis and evaluation of integrated development planning and construction projects and so on.

4. Methods

The analysis, demonstration and evaluation of technological economics have many methods, the most common is decision analysis evaluation, economic evaluation method analysis, uncertainty analysis and evaluation method, comparative analysis of system evaluation method, the analysis method of value analysis, feasibility analysis and so on. The most basic is the analytic hierarchy process.

5. Application

With the development of market economy, the application scope of the method of technological economics will continue to expand. It is widely used in the evaluation of a variety of technology policy, industrial policy; the argumentation and evaluation of layout of productivity and the transfer; evaluation of scale economy; resources development and utilization and the evaluation of allocation efficiency; evaluation of technological transformation of enterprises; the introduction of economic analysis of technology transfer and technology diffusion and technology demonstration and evaluation; enterprise technology innovation and development of new technology, new product development project demonstration and evaluation; enterprise the economic potential of the technology analysis, argumentation and evaluation; technology development strategy research, demonstration and evaluation and so on.

1) Apply in the field of environmental research.

2) In the field of resource technology and economy, the economic evaluation of energy saving technology, the economic analysis of alternative energy and new energy technology development will be studied, and the economic analysis of major energy projects will be developed, human resource allocation, technological progress, changes of growth mode and analysis of employment situation, etc.

3) In the field of information economy, technological economics will be applied to the technology progress and information technology strategy, enterprise information technology and economic evaluation theory and method, etc. Research of knowledge economy will also take the study of the interaction between technology and economy into a new world, related research for knowledge economy development background, the concept, the relationship between knowledge economy and high technology industry, the relationship between knowledge economy and industrialization and modernization, national technology a new system.

4) Enterprise performance evaluation, securities investment fund performance evaluation, assets evaluation, resources, ecological and environmental valuation, capital efficiency and economic growth analysis, human resource development, the government public engineering project evaluation theory and method, the large-scale regional development project is divided into analysis and social analysis, technology property trading and the game analysis of financial run and so on.


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