Management Degree Program in China - Technology Economics and Management

1. Introduction

Technology Economy and Management combines technical economics with management science, studies from the perspective of economics, a discipline that argues and analyzes the economic effect of the various technical measures and technical scheme to be used in the process of social reproduction under certain social conditions, and takes technology economy in economic society, project investment, financial and risk assessment activities as the research objects. The program provides a theoretical basis for the risk argument of adapting to the government, the economic management of enterprises, project feasibility analysis, financial and advisory organism and investment planning and resource management of relevant departments.

2. Subject Relations

As an important part of economic management disciplines, technology economy and management has a close relationship with macro social, microcosmic economy, focusing on macro economic analysis, internal control and management, investment and risk management, and project investment decision-making is related to the field of study. With the macro economics, micro economics, econometrics, strategic management, business operations, corporate finance, investment and financing management, financial engineering, mathematics and other disciplines have an important link. In the course of the study, we should pay attention to the economic analysis, comparison, demonstration and optimization of various schemes through technical means. Research methods emphasize the use of mathematical models and the actual operation of the combination, for economic development and training of applied talents, to better meet the social demand for talent, for social services.

Technology economy and management is active and easier to work with other disciplines of economy and management integration among the academic field of economics and management discipline, which covers new and high science and technology, economics and business administration, such as several major knowledge system, can meet the needs of various industries to high level compound talent.

Technical economics the combination of qualitative analysis and quantitative study, and using a variety of mathematical model, were analyzed and evaluated by using economic statistical software (SPSS\AMOS). In the study by using two or more technical scheme are analyzed and compared, and in the analysis and comparison of selected economic effect is the most ideal scheme. Content involves the production, distribution, exchange, consumption of various fields and the national economy more than one department, a number of areas, but also involved in the production and construction of a number of stages.

3. Research Methods

Basic research methods have system comprehensive demonstration, which uses system analysis, a comprehensive analysis of the research method and thinking method to assess for technology research and development, application and development; project demonstration, economic and technology is widely used in traditional methods, mainly through a set of index system of economic effect, to finish with a target of different techniques for calculation and analysis, comparison; effect analysis is analyzed by comparison of the fruits of labor and labor consumption, benefit and cost analysis methods, and scheme of economic effect and social effect evaluation, evaluation principle is the principle of maximum effect.

Technical economic analysis, demonstration and evaluation have many ways, the most common is decision analysis evaluation method, economic evaluation method analysis, uncertainty analysis and evaluation method, comparative analysis of evaluation method, system analysis method, value analysis, feasibility analysis and so on. Technical economy and management provide theoretical support to the modern enterprise technology management, project feasibility analysis, financial and advisory body demonstration and management and the relevant departments of investment planning and resource management.

4. Research Directions

(1) Evaluation and analysis of technical and economic system

(2) Project investment and risk management

(3) Investment and financing management

(4) Technology economy and regional development

(5) Research on the industrialization of high and new technology

(6) Investment decision-making and evaluation

5. Employment Prospects

(1) The research and management of the state and local government on new and high technology;

(2) Investment companies and financial consulting company engaged in investment decision-making analysis

(3) The company's technical and economic department, investment and financing department, the Ministry of strategic investment and other risk assessment;

(4) The government and enterprises to invest in the project to be the decision-making management;

(5) Engaged in teaching and research work in colleges and universities.

6. Scope of Application

The application range of the method of technology economics will continue to expand, widely used in the evaluation of a variety of technology policy, industrial policy, productivity layout, the transfer of argumentation and evaluation; evaluation of scale economy; resources development use and effective allocation of argumentation and evaluation; evaluation of technological transformation of enterprises; the introduction of economic analysis of technology transfer and technology diffusion and technology demonstration and evaluation; enterprise technology innovation and development of new technology, new product development project demonstration and evaluation; enterprise the economic potential of the technology analysis, argumentation and evaluation; technology development strategy research, demonstration and evaluation and so on.

Technology economic theory will also be applied in the field of environmental research, such as economic loss estimation of environmental pollution and ecological destruction, green GDP accounting system, environmental policy and management of economic analysis.

The field of resource technology economy will study the economic evaluation of energy-saving technology, alternative energy and new energy technology development economic analysis, the economic analysis of major energy projects.

In the field of information economy, it will be used in the technology progress and information technology strategy, enterprise information technology and economic evaluation theory and method, etc.. Research of knowledge economy will also take the study of the interaction between technology and economy into a new world, related research for knowledge economy development background, the concept, the relationship between knowledge economy and high technology industry, the relationship between knowledge economy and industrialization and modernization, national technology a new system.

Method of technology economics will also be applied to some aspects: securities investment fund performance evaluation, assets evaluation, resources, ecological and environmental valuation, capital efficiency and economic growth analysis, the government public engineering project evaluation theory and method, large regional development project economic analysis and social analysis, technology property trading and financial runs the game analysis and so on.

7. Research Points

1). the combination of technology and economics and management is the combination of technology economics and management to achieve the best of both.

2). Factor theory, it is considered that technology economy and management science is a subject that studies technical factors, economic factors, and the optimal combination of management factors.

3). problem theory, it is considered that the technology economy and management science is a subject that studies the technical and economic problems in the high and new area, and accelerates the development of economy and society.

4). Motivation theory, that is, the study of how rational, scientific and effective use of technology resources, so as to become the driving force of economic growth in the discipline. This reflects that with the development of economy and technology, it is necessary to further study the theory of technological progress and technological innovation.


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