Science Degree Program in China - Tectonics

1. Introduction

Tectonics is a branch discipline of geology that studies the formation, morphology of geological body in the lithosphere and the genetic mechanism of deformation tectonic action and their interaction, the temporal and spatial distribution and evolution laws. Tectonic action or tectonic movement is the main factor of the initiation or triggering of other geological processes.

Tectonics in the narrow sense is generally limited into the study on the mechanism of deformation. Tectonics or geotectonics is the study on regional macroscopic tectonic evolution history, but also a part of structural geology. Tectonics in the narrow sense and tectonics complete with each other. The former is the specific connotation of regional tectonic evolution, and the latter is deformation of the former is comprehensive summary of the mechanism of environment factors and conditions.

Tectonics is the research that firstly studies structural elements, namely morphology of folds and faults, deformation combination of understanding and analysis, and to construct uniform domain division, and then combine with the characteristics of the rock composition, the evolution history and deformation stage and phases. The core is the dynamic mechanism and the genetic model of tectonic evolution, so it is always related to the theory and the hypothesis.

2. Basic Content

Tectonics mainly studies the secondary structure and its origin and evolution of the geological body, as well as the reconstruction and inversion of the tectonic environment. They are all formed in the long geological history, and have complex and varied characteristics.

The secondary structure in the study of structural geology is related to the internal geological function, which is closely related to the deep role of the earth. Lithosphere plate motion is geological tectonic evolution in the main, so the study of geological structure despite the difference of different scales and objective, but must focus on global geological evolution rules and specific form combined with the environment.

Tectonism are mainly concentrated in the upper mantle layer above the lithosphere in the lithosphere is also called tectonic circle. Here, there are not only the active tectonic phenomena, such as the seismic motion vectors, but also a variety of structures have been consolidated.

3. Related Differences



Ancient extinct life

Geological structure

Geologic function

4. Research Significance

The significance lies in the understanding and application of geological bodies and the regularity of movement. The metallogenic background of geological mineral resources and energy, ore controlling capacity expansion factors are closely related to the tectonic evolution, tectonic environment and genetic mechanism. Tectonic geology is an important determining factor in the occurrence of geological hazards, such as engineering construction and disaster reduction, and also directly related to the study of structural geology.

5. Research Methods

Tectonics emphasizes field observation, the accuracy of the research with science and echnology development and rapidly increasing, the use of remote sensing technology, the study of geological structure produces high efficiency; reflection seismic technique and application, study section of the study for revealing crustal structure and deep structure achieved very good results, all of these innovative technologies and theory has made in a broader range of specific tectonic units, regional tectonic characteristics, horizontal movement and drawing possible. The microstructure and structure of the laboratory, the temperature, the pressure measurement, the estimation of the difference of the ancient stress and the reconstruction of the paleo stress field have been realized. All of these make it possible to combine the study of different scale structures in the origin and evolution, the kinematics and dynamics.


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