Tianjin University of Technology

English Medium Programs in Tianjin University of Technology, China

1. Bachelor Degree/Undergraduate Programs in English Medium: 
- Details please read at Bachelor Degree Programs
- Duration: 4 years
(1). Computer Science and Technology
(2). Electronic Information Engineering
(3). Electrical Engineering
(4). Communications Engineering
(5). Industrial Design
(6). Logistics Management (In cooperation with Osaka Sangyo University, Japan)
(7). Marine Engineering
(8). Environmental Engineering
(9). Environmental Science
(10). Materials Science and Engineering
2. Master Degree/Postgraduate/PG Programs in English Medium:
- Details please read at Master Degree Programs
- Duration: 2-3 years
(1). Optics Engineering
(2). Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages
(3). Materials Processing and Engineering
(4). Materials Physics and Chemistry
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