Tongji University

Overseas Students at Tongji University, China

Since founded by a German doctor Erich Paulun, Tongji University has established cooperation with Germany for a long history and the university has made great achievements in international educational. The International Student Office is responsible for recruitment, registration and administration of the international students; and for their scholarship application. At present, 2,197 international students are pursuing their degrees at Tongji University.

The International School of Tongji University, established in 1998, is the second-level school of Teaching and Research of Chinese as a Foreign Language. Teaching Chinese as a foreign language in Tongji University opens in 1970s. The professional Chinese courses are set for international students on the major studies, since the University has continued to enroll international students.

The International School explores another characteristic “International Freshmen School”, as kind of virtual teaching form, is the exploration of Tongji University in teaching mode Reform of undergraduate program. After its several operations, “International Freshmen School” has been attached importance by many international student administrations of national universities and received great achievements.

The School is committed to students’ overall development and organizes many cultural and sports activities for international students. The football team of International School is made up of students from different countries has been the champion for two consecutive years in Campus Football Union. International students at Tongji University take active part in various activities organized by Shanghai Municipality and Tongji University where their performance with the characteristics of their own countries receives great appreciation.


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