Management Degree Program in China - Tourism Management

 1. Introduction

Tourism Management is a newly emerging discipline with the development of economy, a first-level discipline under management that parallels with business administration, has huge development space and development potential, with the globalization of the international economy, tourism industry becomes more prosperous, so management requirements on tourism also increases, now many schools offers the major of tourism management, also have certain requirements on professional ability and quality.

2. Training Objectives

Train senior specialized personnel with the professional knowledge of tourism management, can engage in tourism administration departments at all levels, tourism business units for tourism management work.

Students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of tourism management, tourism management and receive basic training of tourism management, with the basic ability to analyze and solve problems.

Students majored in tourism management should be with the necessary basic theory knowledge and professional knowledge on the basis, it is important to grasp the guides, travel agency, tourist attractions scenic area, tourist shopping areas of actual work in the basic skills and basic skills, has the good professional ethics and professionalism. Master the theory and method of the modern tourism enterprise management, can be competent for tourism enterprises and other related industry management, teaching and scientific research work of the senior specialized personnel and entrepreneurial talent.

3. Tourism Business Management

Tourism business management direction studies tourism business management theory, method and application from the characteristics of tourism service enterprises, main contents include: the basic theory of tourism enterprise management; combination of characters of tourism demand and tourism service; characteristics of tourism business management; hotel travel agency enterprise management problems; cross culture management of tourism enterprises, tourism service culture and ethics; Chinese and foreign tourism enterprises management comparison; organization system and industrial policy of the management of the tourism industry, globalization and tourism business management problems.

4. Exhibition Management

Exhibition service and management direction includes the basic theory and method of exhibition service and management, familiar with organization of conferences and exhibitions, convention and Exhibition practice, exhibition marketing and customer service, facility management, booth design, engineering structures, exhibits transportation, business services, exhibition hall cleaning, waste disposal, catering services, exhibition marketing idea, the exhibition organization, cost control, exhibition services, regularly publish data and Research Report, exhibition marketing management, exhibition services contractor management, exhibition project management, exhibition logistics management, venue management, exhibition risk management, exhibition financing management, exhibition of the budget management, exhibition, human resources management.

5. Travel Related

Tourism culture

Tourism regulations

Tourism economy

Tourism aesthetics

Tourism education

Tourism scenic spot planning


Tourism development

6. Research Scope

The research scope of the subject of tourism management focuses on the study of tourism business management, tourism development and tourism marketing, exhibition service and management. Tourism resources and service facilities, as the conditions for tourists provide a variety of services in the travel and tourism to obtain economic benefits of the economic sector. Tourism is a comprehensive economic cause, which is composed of many sectors of society. Its basic economic activities consist of the travel agencies, tourist hotel and tourist transportation. In addition, there are retail enterprises, landscape facilities, cultural and entertainment business and public utilities for the tourist services.

7. Main Courses

Tourism management, business guide, tour guide, tourism policies and regulations, city tourism, business travel, travel agency management, Chinese tourism geography, tourism psychology, tourism economics, travel agency management, tourism management, tourism marketing, tourist hotel accounting, sociology of tourism and hotel management, tourism studies, tourism culture, tourism resources development and management, planning and management of tourism attractions, tourism security, enterprise human resources management, ecological tourism, tourist, tourism area in China, financial management, project management, tourism management, tourism information system, micro economics, macro economics, sustainable development of tourism, tourism ecology, tourism geography.

8. Practice Teaching

Including the comprehensive investigation of tourist attractions, professional courses practice, social survey, graduation practice, a total of 20 weeks

9. Training Requirements

The students mainly study basic theory and basic knowledge of modern management science, subject to general management method, the cultivation and training of management personnel basic quality and ability, master the modern management theory, technology and method, the basic ability of planning, coordination, organization and decision-making.

Graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:

1) Master the basic theory and knowledge of tourism management; 

2) Master the qualitative and quantitative analysis methods of the research on the management of tourism and tourism enterprises;

3) Familiar with the development of China's tourism policies, policies and regulations, to understand the development trend of tourism; 

4) The skillful application of advanced computer technology;

5) Master the ability of literature retrieval and information inquiry, independent research and some problems and problem solving.

10. Employment Prospects

Tourism and leisure management graduates can be engaged in the tourism administration department, travel agency, tourist attractions, tourism consulting firm, tourism electronic commerce enterprise, tourism planning mechanism, the theme park tourism economic management and enterprise management, and tourism and leisure industry to start their own businesses.

11. Similar Programs

Business administration, marketing, accounting, financial management, human resources management, tourism management, merchandising, auditing, e-commerce, logistics management, international business, tour guides, accounting, computerization, automobile marketing.



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