List of Colleges and Institutes in Guizhou Province, China

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1.Aanshun university

2.Anshun Vocational and Technical College 

3.Bijie Career Technical College

4.Bijie Medical College

5.Bijie Preschool Teachers College

6.College of Humanities and science, Guizhou University for Nationalities

7.College of medicine, Guizhou Medical University

8.College of science and technology, Guizhou University

9.Guiyang Career Technical College

10.Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

11.Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute of Materia

12.Guiyang nursing vocational college

13.Guiyang Preschool Teachers College

14.Guiyang university

15.Guizhou Aerospace Vocational and Technical College

16.Guizhou agriculture Career College

17.Guizhou building Career Technical College

18.Guizhou Business School

19.Guizhou Career Technical College

20.Guizhou city Career College

21.Guizhou electronic information Career Technical College

22.Guizhou Engineering Applied Technology College

23.Guizhou industry and Commerce Career College

24.Guizhou Industry Polytechnic College

25.Guizhou institute of technology

26.Guizhou Light Industry Technical College

27.Guizhou Medical University

28.Guizhou Minzu University

29.Guizhou Normal College

30.Guizhou Normal University

31.Guizhou Normal University Institute

32.Guizhou Police Officer Vocational College

33.Guizhou Polytechnic College of Communications

34.Guizhou Shenghua Career College

35.Guizhou University

36.Guizhou University of Finance and Economics

37.Guizhou Vocational and Technical College of Electricity

38.Kaili University

39.Liupanshui Normal College

40.Liupanshui Vocational and Technical College

41.Ming De college, Guizhou University

42.Qiandongnan national polytechnic Institute

43.Qiannan national Career Technical College

44.Qiannan national preschool teachers college

45.Qiannan normal college for nationalities

46.School of business, Guizhou University of Finance and Economics

47.School of medicine and science and technology, Zunyi Medical College

48.South Guizhou Medical College

49.Southwest Guizhou Vocational and Technical College

50.Tongren Polytechnic Institute

51.Tongren Preschool Teachers College

52.Tongren university

53.Xingyi normal university for nationalities

54.Zunyi Medical College

55.Zunyi Medical College

56.Zunyi Normal College

57.Zunyi Vocational and Technical College


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