List of Colleges and Institutes in Hainan Province, China

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1.Haikou College of Economics

2.Hainan College of Economics and Business

3.Hainan College of Software Technology

4.Hainan College of Vocation and Technique

5.Hainan Foreign Language College of Professional Education

6.Hainan industry and Commerce Career College

7.Hainan Institute of Science and Technology

8.Hainan Medical University

9.Hainan Normal University

10.Hainan politics and law Career College

11.Hainan University

12.Qiongtai teachers college

13.Qiongzhou university

14.Sanya Aviation and Tourism College

15.Sanya city Career College

16.Sanya College

17.Sanya science and engineering Career College


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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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