List of Colleges and Institutes in Henan Province, China

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1.Anyang Institute of Technology

2.Anyang Normal University

3.Anyang Preschool Teachers College

4.Anyang Vocational and Technical College

5.Career College, Zhengzhou finance and taxation Finance

6.Changyuan culinary Career Technical College

7.College of Humanities and management, Anyang Normal University

8.College of information and business, Zhongyuan University of Technology

9.Hebi automotive engineering Career College

10.Hebi college of vocation and technology

11.Hebi energy and chemical engineering Career College

12.Henan Agricultural University

13.Henan Animal Husbandry Economic College

14.Henan art Career College

15.Henan chemical engineering Career College

16.Henan college of finance and taxation

17.Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

18.Henan Communication Vocational Technology College

19.Henan Economy and Trade Vocational College

20.Henan forestry Career College

21.Henan Industrial and Trade Vocational College

22.Henan industry and information technology Career College

23.Henan information statistics Career College

24.Henan institute of engineering

25.Henan institute of science and technology

26.Henan massage Career School

27.Henan mechanical and electrical Career College

28.Henan Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College

29.Henan Medical College

30.Henan Normal University

31.Henan Normal University New College

32.Henan nursing Career College

33.Henan Police College

34.Henan Polytechnic Institute

35.Henan polytechnic institute

36.Henan Polytechnic University

37.Henan procuratorial vocational college

38.Henan Quality Polytechnic

39.Henan Technical College of Construction

40.Henan University

41.Henan University Minsheng College

42.Henan University of Economics and Law

43.Henan University of Science and Technology

44.Henan University of Technology

45.Henan University of Urban Construction

46.Henan vocational college of agriculture

47.Henan Vocational College of Judicial Police Officers

48.Henan water resources and environment Career College

49.Hua Rui college, Xinyang Normal University

50.Huanghe conservancy technical institute

51.Huanghe Science and Technology College

52.Huanghe Traffic College

53.Huanghuai University

54.Jiaozuo industry and trade Career College

55.Jiaozuo teachers college

56.Jiaozuo university

57.Jiyuan Vocational and Technical College

58.Kaifeng culture and arts Career College

59.Kaifeng University

60.Luohe food Career College

61.Luohe Medical College

62.LuoHe Vocational Technology College

63.Luoyang Career Technical College

64.Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology

65.Luoyang Normal University

66.Luoyang science and technology Career College

67.Nanyang agriculture Career College

68.Nanyang Career College

69.Nanyang Medical College

70.Nanyang Normal University

71.North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power

72.Pingdingshan culture and arts Career College

73.Pingdingshan Institute of Industry Technology

74.Pingdingshan University

75.Puyang Vocational and Technical College

76.Railway Police College

77.Sanmenxia Polytechnic Institute

78.Sanquan Medical College

79.Shangqiu College

80.Shangqiu Institute of Technology

81.Shangqiu Medical college

82.Shangqiu normal university

83.Shangqiu Professional Training College

84.Shinco College of Henan Institute of Science and Technology

85.Songshan Shaolin Martial Art Vocational Institute

86.Xinxiang Career Technical College

87.Xinxiang College

88.Xinxiang Medical University

89.Xinyang Agriculture and Forestry College

90.Xinyang Career Technical College 

91.Xinyang normal university

92.Xinyang Vocational and Technical College

93.Xuchang ceramic Career College

94.Xuchang electric Career College

95.Xuchang university

96.Xuchang Vocational Technical College

97.Yongcheng Vocational College

98.You'll find technical college Henan Polytechnic University

99.Zhengzhou city Career College

100.Zhengzhou electric power Career Technical College

101.Zhengzhou Electric Power College

102.Zhengzhou electronic information Career Technical College

103.Zhengzhou Huanghe nursing Career College

104.Zhengzhou Information Engineering Career College

105.Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautics Industry Management

106.Zhengzhou Institute of Applied Technology

107.Zhengzhou Institute of economic and trade management

108.Zhengzhou Institute of Finance and Economics

109.Zhengzhou Institute of Science and Technology

110.zhengzhou normal university

111.Zhengzhou Preschool Teachers College

112.Zhengzhou Railway Vocational and Technical College

113.Zhengzhou science and engineering Career College

114.Zhengzhou Shengli finance and Economics College

115.Zhengzhou Shuqing Medical College

116.Zhengzhou technical college

117.Zhengzhou trade and tourism Career College

118.Zhengzhou University

119.Zhengzhou University of Light Industry

120.Zhengzhou vocational college of industrial safety

121.Zhengzhou Vocational College of Tourism

122.Zhengzhou vocational university of information and technology

123.Zhongyuan University of Technology

124.Zhongzhou university

125.Zhoukou Normal University

126.Zhoukou science and technology Career College

127.Zhoukou vocational and technical college

128.Zhumadian Career Technical College 


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