University of South China

Medical Internship at University of South China

There are four directly affiliated hospitals and many co-affiliated hospitals for University of South China. Thus, international students will have chances to practice at these hospitals. First Affiliated Hospital of University of South China is located in the history city, Hengyang city in Hunan Province, founded in 1943, and formally named Hengyang Area People’s Hospital in Hunan Province. It is a large comprehensive hospital directly affiliated by Ministry of Hunan Province, focusing on medical, teaching, research, prevention and rehabilitation. It is one of the hospitals in Hunan province with most completed disciplines and most abundant technical forces. In 1994, it was awarded the title of "grade three class A hospital" by the Ministry of public health.

Medical international students of different degrees will be arranged at different hospitals according to the real situations. What’s more important, students should cherish the internships opportunities, because this is the first step for them to enter into the society in order to become qualified doctors in the future. 



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