Management Degree Program in China - Urban Management

 1. Introduction

Urban Management refers to the decision guidance, standardized coordination, service and business behaviors that take city – the open complex giant system as the object, based on urban basic information flow, using a series of mechanisms like decision-making, planning, organization, command, through the legal, economic, administrative, technical means, by the interaction with government, market and society, around the city operation and development. The generalized urban management refers to the management of all the activities of the city, including political, economic, social and municipal administration. Urban management in a narrow sense usually refers to the management of urban infrastructure, public service facilities and social public affairs related to urban planning, urban construction and urban operation. The research object of general urban management mainly aims at the narrow sense of urban management, that is, the municipal administration.

Urban infrastructure, public service facilities and the operation of social public affairs constitute the environment of urban economic and social development; urban management in the urban economic and social development has a basic role. As the subject of city management, the city government, in accordance with the specific objectives and management principles and the specific method and organized form and the motion process of object management of plan, organization, command and control all functions.

Urban management is set up to adapt to the urgent need of urbanization and modernization of urban management. Urban management is to cultivate senior specialized personnel with urban management basic theory and operation skill, flexibility in the use of the theory of urban management, with strong oral and written expression ability, social skills, and computer application ability, the ability of organization, leadership and management of urban public affairs, engaged in urban management teaching, scientific research and practical operation.

Urban management is a newly emerging comprehensive subject, which combines economics, management and urban planning.

2. Responsibilities

1). The exercise of the city and the environmental health management laws, regulations, rules and regulations of the administrative punishment, the mandatory removal of the city appearance standards, environmental hygiene standards of buildings or facilities;

2). The administrative punishment right in the exercise of the laws, regulations and rules and regulations of urban planning and management;

3). The administrative penalty power of law, regulations and rules and regulations in the exercise of urban greening management;

4). The administrative punishment right in the exercise of the laws, regulations and rules and regulations of the municipal administration;

5). The exercise of the administrative authority for Industry and Commerce on laws, regulations, rules and regulations on unlicensed premises (shop) and in violation of the provisions of casual stall there is a behavior of administrative penalty;

6). The exercise of public security traffic management laws, regulations, rules and regulations, the occupation of the road and the motor vehicle and non motor vehicle violations of administrative punishment;

7). The exercise of environmental protection and management of the provisions of laws, regulations, rules and life noise pollution, noise pollution in construction of administrative punishment; in densely populated areas and other required by the law to special protection area burned to produce the right of administrative punishment of poisonous and harmful smoke and dust, malodorous gases, to the right of administrative punishment of city river, the water dumping of industrial waste residue, urban garbage and other waste behavior;

8). Perform other duties as prescribed by laws, regulations, rules or other duties as prescribed by the people's government.

3. System Content

Administrative leadership system

Functions and rights and responsibilities relationship

Three level management system

Relationship orientation

4. Integrated Management

Strengthen and improve management

Innovation of system and mechanism

5. Training Requirements

The students mainly study basic theories and knowledge of various disciplines of the modern management science, accept cultivating and training in general management method, basic ability, master modern urban management theories, techniques and methods, engaged in the work of urban management, with the basic ability of planning, coordination, organization, decision-making to the city public affairs.

6. Knowledge and Ability

Master the basic theories and knowledge of management science, humanities and Social Sciences, decision science and so on. Have ability of quantitative analysis and computer application in office automation and management science, with basic knowledge and skills of urban management, such as urban planning and urban management, urban environmental sanitation management, urban science and technology cultural affairs management, urban population and social public order management. Familiar with the laws, policies and systems of urban management and the basic theory and management practice of modern urban management. With strong social investigation and writing ability, master the modern method of data collection and processing.

7. Main Courses

Theory and practice of western urban management, leadership science, urban management, urban politics, management principle and method, urban social security, urban demography, authority management principle and method, social work and management, municipal, urban economics, public policy analysis, city environmental sanitation management.

8. Employment Prospects

After graduation, students can be engaged in business management in the government, urban planning, construction, law enforcement and comprehensive management, urban city environment and landscaping administrative departments, city utilities, urban community, urban construction related enterprises, education and scientific research departments, but also in the teaching and scientific research related units for teaching and research work.


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