Science Degree Program in China - Virology

1. Introduction

Virology is a new emerging discipline that takes virus as the research object and formed by the mutual penetration and fusion of virology and molecular biology. Specifically, it is the science based on the full understanding of morphology and structure characteristics of the virus, the viral genomic structure and function, to explore the viral genome replication and gene expression and regulation mechanism, thus revealing the virus infection, the molecular nature of the disease, virus gene engineering vaccine and antiviral development and virus disease diagnosis, prevention and treatment and provide a theoretical foundation and the basis.

Virology is a science taking the tiniest non cell biological virus on the earth as the research object, virology research involves viruses types, composition, structure, metabolism, growth and reproduction, genetics, evolution and distribution of life activity, and the virus and other biological and environmental correlations, etc.

2. Medical Virology

Medical virology is an important branch of the virus, mainly from the medical point of view to study the characteristics of the virus, and sometimes called medical molecular. The scope of medical research includes the essence of the virus, the mode of transmission and pathogenesis, and the application of drug and vaccine research. And it is closely related to molecular biology and pharmacology.

3. Basic Features

1) Without cell structure

2) There is only one type of nucleic acid in the virus.

3) Special breeding methods

4) Lack of complete enzyme system and energy synthesis system

5) Absolute intracellular parasitism

4. Purpose

1) Virus is a pathogen that can infect almost all cell types and produce disease.

2) Virus can cause the disease of poultry, livestock, wild animals, crops, fruit trees such and many other economic animals, plants and microorganisms, thus to human economic activities and ecological environment caused great harm.

3) Some viruses can also invade the biological, which is harmful to human beings, so it can become an important means of biological control.

4) The virus is the most simple life unit to known structures, based on it in the extracellular relatively simple and intracellular virus and host cell between complexity of the role of the salient features of, thus becoming the replication studies in molecular biology, information transmission, mutation and other molecular biology problems of ideal object.

5. Main Content

1) The structure and function of the virus genome

2) Regulation of viral gene expression

3) Molecular mechanisms of virus infection

4) Molecular mechanisms of viral carcinogenesis

5) Antiviral active substance

6) Virus gene engineering vaccine

6. Development Process

1) Virus discovery period

2) The chemical time of the virus

3) Cell level study period

4) Molecular virology period


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