Management Degree Program in China - Western Food Process

 1. Introduction

Western Food Process is a program under tourism discipline.

2. Training Objectives

Western food process is to cultivate senior application-oriented vocational and technical personnel and management personnel with the basic theoretical knowledge and professional knowledge, master the basic ability and basic skills required by the actual work of the program, has the good professional ethics and professional dedication, can engage in the production and management at catering and food processing enterprises.

3. Main Courses

Cooking ingredients, cooking nutrition, cooking, health, food, food technology, food digestion and distribution technology, Chinese food cooking technology, west dessert process, operation and management of catering trade

4. Employment Prospects

First-line technical management positions of western-style food production at large and medium-sized hotels, management positions at large and medium-sized senior western restaurants, nutrition and catering technology and management jobs at western catering company, processing and management jobs at food enterprise, program related teaching and training jobs as secondary vocational and technical schools.


2024 Admission is opening !

Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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