Why Study Business Administration ( BBA, MBA ) in China


China is increasingly becoming an international study destination, offering a wide range of undergraduate program including Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)´╝îMaster of Business Administration (MBA). Chinese Ministry of Education believes building a world-class university education has to include training in specialized subjects such as BBA, MBA and continue to recruit more international students in order to educate world citizen of today and tomorrow. As the number of universities is growing in China, it is rapidly emerging as a prospective country for international students from all over the world. BBA is a 4-year degree program and MBA is a 2-3 years degree program that provides a fundamental education in business and administration principles. Programs typically allow students to specialize in multiple areas including international business, finance, real estate, computer information systems, or accounting. Pursuing a BBA in China offers practical management training that can prepare students to successfully work within a large or small organization. 

Why Study BBA, MBA in China

BBA, MBA program in China prepares students to manage companies by teaching subjects such as marketing and human resources. The following are the list of reasons that you would consider China for your degree in Bachelor of Business Administration:

1.International recognized BBA degree and simple admission process 

International students enrolled in BBA program have the opportunity to learn about management, leadership, and teamwork in business. Through the BBA, MBA programs, students can pursue business education and learn skills that will help them pursue various management and administrative roles within a company. In China, BBA programs emphasize the development of communications, quantitative reasoning, and business analysis skills. Through these courses students gain knowledge of business practices and processes, understand the role of economics in the world marketplace, and acquire an awareness of global business issues. The strong worldwide reputation earned by the education system and world-class facilities has led China into international competitiveness educational institutions like those in America, Europe, and Australia. It is from that perspective that BBA degree award from China is recognized and honored globally. Chinese Universities with BBA program have world known Professors, Lecturers and Tutors whom delighted to help students to develop practical experience at some of the world's leading companies. To be admitted in BBA program a foreign students must have high school diploma and academic transcript, application deadline vary from university to university. Therefore a student needs to prepare application material before the last date. Most universities in China have two intakes, fall semester intake and spring semester intake

2.Affordable tuition fee and scholarships opportunity   

Tuition fees vary from university to university, whatever the tuition fee, we can guaranty you that studying and living in China is cheaper than studying and living in western countries. China is a unique case in higher education development in terms of infrastructure; and advanced technology these make Chinese universities to have apartments for international students along with modern furniture in every room. In addition, most of Chinese universities have established scholarships for excellent and talented foreign students enrolled in BBA program. 

3.Including Chinese Language as a course   

Every come to realize the importance of mastering Mandarin (Chinese Language) in international business. Within four years of studying BBA in China, foreign students get the opportunity to meet and thought by outstanding teachers in Chinese Language. A BBA, MBA graduate can thereafter be able to read, write and fluently speech Chinese Language. We all know that this opportunity is only for students who have been in China for their studies. Today, because of integration of Chinese business all over the world, every young educated people want to know Chinese language, and some of them they even pay a lot of money to learn the language in their home country, here there is no additional cost for a foreign student admitted in BBA program for learning Chinese language. 

4.A wide range of career options and opportunity  

BBA, MBA program in China offers practical management training that prepare students to successfully work within a large or small organization. Through the BBA, MBA program, students can pursue business education and learn skills that will help them pursue various management and administrative roles within a company. Employers always seek business administration graduates for a broad range of positions in different areas. Positions may include: Operations manager, Information security officer, Sales manager, Loss prevention manager, and Cost estimator. Jobs for BBA, MBA graduate are growing everywhere. The number of available positions for BBA, MBA graduate is expected to rise as different companies found out that having Business administration personnel could improve their work and make their business grow faster.  

Apart from getting a good job, after completing a BBA, MBA in China, individuals may consider furthering their education in order to qualify for top executive positions and promotions such as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operations Officer (COO), consultants, or university professors. 


If you would like to study BBA, MBA, China should be your choice, BBA, MBA courses from Chinese universities are known for high-quality education, extensive research opportunities, eminent teaching faculty, and lucrative career openings. Chinese universities have a unique collegiate life, and spacious and green campuses suitable for international students. Today, China has been the top choice for students and their parents.


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