Why Study E-commerce program in China


Fastest growing economy of China in the world is due to many factors including quality of teaching E-Commerce and the content of E-Commerce program as well as  growth of E-Commerce market. In fact, E-commerce, namely electronic commerce, refers to an industry where people can conduct business through electronic systems; it uses the Internet as the main mode to provide service. The environment of E-commerce in China keeps improving. The size and growth rate of the E-Commerce market in China is unique. With more than 618 million Internet users, China has more users online than any other country. Job opportunities for E-Commerce graduate in China are diverse and almost unlimited. In Chinese Universities, E-Commerce program for bachelor’s and postgraduate equips international students with skills needed to cope up with new economy era by learning how through the development of information and Internet technology, they can create a world where all the products and services can be traded in everywhere instantly. You can study E-Commerce in China in English taught programs.

Why Study E-Commerce in China?

Students learn more about e-market which facilitated online environment that connects multiple buyers and suppliers in a single, Web-based hub to more effectively match supply and demand while reducing transaction cycles and costs. The following are the list of reasons that you would consider China for your degree in E-Commerce:

1.The content of E-Commerce program and simple admission process 

The E-Commerce program enrollment in China for international students reaches 18000 to 20000 students. The E-Commerce program aims to help international students to study E-Commerce in China, develop the hands-on competence of students in computer and at the same time offer them many specifically designed core courses such as software design, client scripting, web page design, E-Commerce administration, introduction to E-commerce and principal of marketing, and information management systems. Admission requirements include high school certificate and academic transcripts for admission in undergraduate program, to be admitted in E-Commerce postgraduate program a foreign students must have bachelor’s degree to enter in Master’s program and have master’s degree for those who want admission in Doctoral program. No entrance test required to get admission in E-Commerce program, all admission process is online or sending required documents by email. International students in E-Commerce program learn more about two main types of E-Commerce which encompasses Business to Business (B2B) and Business

to Consumer (B2C) is the use of internet for conducting business. These two are mostly used in the most significant economic trends in the new millennium.

2.Affordable tuition fee and scholarships opportunity   

Studying and living in China is cheaper than studying and living in western countries. China is a unique case in higher education development in terms of infrastructure; and advanced technology these make Chinese universities to have apartments for international students along with modern furniture in every room. Most of Chinese universities have established scholarships for excellent foreign students in each level, means that you may start as self funding student and in middle of your studies you may win a scholarship.  

3.Practical use of E-Commerce in China  

The development of E-commerce in China is greatly concerned by everyone. The environment of E-commerce in China keeps improving. At present, China’s E-commerce market is booming, the fierce competition between major online trading platforms activates the rapid development and increasingly sophisticated e-commerce market. To be a professional in E-Commerce industry which is now dominated by China, it could be better to study E-Commerce where in works. Therefore, there is no any other place that you can learn well E-Commerce other than China because studying E-Commerce in China offer you unique opportunities. 

The development of information and Internet technology in China create a world where all the products and services can be traded in everywhere instantly. Foreign governments, international telecommunications companies, banks and other financial services institutions and hundreds of millions of individual users have invested and participated in e-commerce activities. All of them will absolutely need someone with skills to manage their business. 

4.A wide range of career options and opportunity to run your own business 

After the completion of the E-Commerce program in China, graduates either proceed with their further studies or receive employment opportunities relating to E-Commerce such as internet marketing planning, website promotion, or International Business in various industries. The first choice for employers in E-commerce industry is to employee someone who understands Chinese E-Commerce business, and the salary is quite good along with other benefits. Apart from working in China, E-commerce graduate from China have the ability to introduction or start e-commerce business to different companies in his/her home country and would open new self employment opportunity. Main advantage of the e-commerce business is that, they need not show-room, store room. 


The Internet has opened up a new horizon for trade and commerce, therefore studying E-Commerce in China is the only option to enter in new commerce of 21st century and offer urge opportunities to get a better job. Study of E-Commerce for International Students is most likely to be increase in near future in China because of increasing of per capita income, infrastructure, Technology and quality of E-Commerce program.


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