Why Study Finance program in China


China is one of the fastest growing economics in the world and it is now the second destination for international students from all over the world. The educational institutions available for international students in China are very high reputation and prestige. In recent years China has invested a lot of money in the educational system, and has begun to provide many scholarships for international students. Chinese universities are renowned for their excellence in teaching finance. Recently, some Chinese universities with finance department have been ranked among the best in the world. Universities in China with finance department have started English taught programs. As result many international students decide to further their education in finance for undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs. International students will be happy to study finance in the fastest growing economic country, and in the schools with modern infrastructure and qualified professors.  

Why Study Finance in China?

Finance is the study of how individuals and firms allocate resources through time. In China you will get strong skills for success. The following are the list of reason that you would consider China for your finance degree:

Strong skills for success

In China, you will learn about the capital markets and the financing decisions that businesses and organizations need to make. Study finance in China at postgraduate level, you will learn about the commercial activity of providing funding and capital through the use of financial instruments in financial and capital markets. Furthermore, finance program in Chinese Universities prepares students for successful careers in finance in the ever-increasing global economy. 

International recognized programs 

When you undertake an undergraduate degree in any Chinese University with finance department, you can choose courses that will focus your studies in any of the following areas: financial management, financial analysis, investments, corporate environment, public sector, financial accounting, and financial reporting. There is also postgraduate program in finance for international students; postgraduate courses are designed to build your understanding of concepts such as good corporate governance, investments, valuation theory, asset pricing, market micro-structure, capital structure and dividend policy, risk-hedging and liquidity management.

You can study finance in the following programs:

- Bachelor degree

Bachelor degree program in Finance is 4 years course including internship. 

- Master of degree

Master degree is a two-year postgraduate program. The first year is coursework, while the second year comprises a research thesis. Note that Master of Finance is a professional degree that will add value to your bachelor  degree and enhance your employment prospects. 

- Doctor of Finance (PhD)

As a general rule you need to have successfully completed either a bachelor honours degree or masters degree to be eligible to study for a PhD in Finance. Doctoral degree in finance is 3-4 years, including both coursework and research.

Real life experience and affordable fees

International students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in Chinese financial institutions. International student get the opportunities to compete in local and regional finance case competitions. Graduates from China have been extremely successful on professional exams that are necessary for certain career paths. Field trips which provide students with the opportunity to learn about the different career paths in finance institutions as well as the opportunity to network with finance professionals from the area. In addition, students develop leadership and communication skills through various roles in famous finance institutions. Low tuition fee and living expenses as well as accommodation with well equipped room continue to attract international students in China.  

Career opportunities

Due to a growing range of financial products and the need for in-depth knowledge of geographic regions, finance positions are growing faster than the average for employment in China and elsewhere. The opportunities to work in China for international student with degree in finance will continue to present themselves as Chinese economy continues grow. 

As everyone knows, finance careers all over the world are growing. This also means that the varieties of careers opportunities are growing as well. With a finance degree you can work in: Corporate management, International financial management, Investment services, financial planning services, Personal financial planning for individuals and private organizations, Brokerage firms, Insurance companies, Commercial and investment banks, Credit unions and private banks.


The main reason to study finance in China is the fact that finance program is designed to prepare students for certain career paths while providing an excellent foundation in business and financial modeling. Studying Finance in China equips international student with opportunities for various types of jobs and/or industries; most of which are even paid well. 


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