Why Study International Trade Program in China


The growing numbers of international students who come to study international trade in China occur in the same time as the growth of international trade between China and other countries as well as the introduction of trade liberalization policies in the developing nations across the world. Chinese international trade and its impact on economic growth crucially depend on globalization and people with substantial skills. As far as China found out that teaching international trade to international students should help these students to take part in global international trade between China and other countries with tangible skills and knowledge not only on their subject but also in how Chinese economy have been progressively raised. 

In Chinese Universities, international trade for bachelor’s and postgraduate program is an exciting and dynamic program that equips students with the tools with which to tackle important real-world issues in this age of globalization and goods trading. You can study International Trade in China in English taught programs.

Why Study International Trade in China?

Graduates from China with a degree in international trade are able to analyze different trade policies, the effects of ‘regionalism’ (regional trading blocs) and the potential effect of multilateral trade negotiations conducted by World Trade Organization (WTO). The following are the list of reasons that you would consider China for your degree in international trade:

1.The content of International Trade program 

In China, you will learn about International Trade using economic analysis and practical management perspectives, with an option to include International Trade Law as well. Through international trade courses, students examine international trade laws and regulations, the ways in which trade benefits nations and modern advancements that affect trade between nations. Students who pursue the field of international trade complete a bachelor's and postgraduate degree with a wide variety of skills. Here are some common concepts to be found in international trade courses: Practices and procedures, Services, Trade, Finance, Law, Marketing, Management and Analysis, and internships as part of their education programs. These courses in international trade familiarize students with theories and policies that guide international trade. You can study international trade from bachelor’s to doctoral degree.

2. Affordable tuition fee and scholarships opportunity   

Studying and living in China is cheaper than studying and living in western countries. China is a unique case in higher education development in terms of infrastructure; this makes Chinese universities to have apartments for international students along with modern furniture in every room. Most of Chinese universities have established scholarships for excellent foreign students in each level, means that you may start as self funding student and in middle of your studies you may win a scholarship.  

3.Learn new language used in international trade 

To be a professional in international trade which is now dominated by China, you will absolutely need to know Chinese language (Mandarin) and other important part of Chinese culture. As we all know there is no any other place that you can learn Chinese language other than China, studying international trade in China offer you this unique opportunity. Many of employers in the field of international trade today need employees who have been study abroad and become proficient in a foreign language, especially Chinese. Additionally, the international trade profession requires strong sales ability, organization and the ability to meet regulatory compliance. Working in international trade organization need someone with strong knowledge of the language and culture of the region they're advertising to in order to effectively communicate and sell products.

4. A wide range of career Options 

International graduates from China of with international trade degree have a wide range of employment opportunities. Many of them pursue careers as international sales representatives, global marketing managers or international finance managers. In addition international trade encompasses a variety of jobs that play an integral role in the import and export of goods and services to and from China. Opportunities are available in sales, distribution, customs, and insurance, to mention a few. 

Currently many import agent (or purchasing agent), Customs broker, and Freight forwarder hired by most Chinese international trading companies are international students graduated from China. An import agent typically works for an organization dedicated to the buying and re-selling of international goods, a customs broker is similar to a 'middleman' in the process of international trade. While a freight forwarder handles the transport and shipment of international cargo. They work with clients in determining the best shipping options, and ensure proper documentation, packaging, and labeling. Graduated from China use their insight into regional consumer preferences to help companies understand market demographics and create branding strategies for target regions.


Global and Chinese international trade companies need well-educated employee with innovative skills and ability to create new or think about the new partners in international trade between China and other countries. Almost everything can be made in China; and be traded outside of China as currency there is internationally massive market. The international trade profession is a multi-disciplinary field blending regulatory knowledge, processes and soft skills. If you are intending to study International trade, coming to China is best choice. 


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