Why Study Marketing Program in China

Brief introduction 

Marketing studies in China develop student’s knowledge and skills in the principles of marketing, advanced marketing, advertizing, marketing information management, pricing, product/service management, promotion, selling. 

Marketing curriculum in most Chinese Universities is composed of standards based competencies. Therefore, the teaching/learning focus is on the final results rather than the process. Marketing Teachers are lecturing less and facilitating more, and as a result, students are taking charge of their own learning by using technology to research topics, collect data and present information orally and in written form. More marketing courses are incorporating school-based enterprises in order for students to apply business and marketing concepts learned in the classroom.

The main reasons for a foreigner to Study Marketing in China

Marketing education in China is a program of study whose purpose is to provide students with the skills, attitudes and competencies to be successful after their studies. It is a comprehensive program in conjunction with academic study will most effectively prepare a foreign student for lifelong success.

For students who have a passion for business and the desire to work in international recognized marketing institutions, study marketing in China is the best choice. Because studying in China will provide you with the tools and skills needed to start or advance your career in Marketing. Learn hands-on project-based setting.  You’ll experience authentic learning environments and achieve industry credentialing.  Study marketing in China will provide you relevant learning that is a critical link to employment and further education, encourage the development of vital relationships with the marketing community, and promote critical thinking and problem solving.

1.  Low cost of studying marketing and affordable leaving expenses 

Studying and living in China is cheaper than studying and living in European countries, U.S., Japan, South Korea and even in many African countries. Like any other programs at international level, marketing curriculum and books used by European or American universities are almost similar by those used by Chinese schools with marketing program. Foods and accommodation in China are affordable for a foreign student. Affordable tuition fee in China give most young people from all over the world a hope of achieving their everyday dream to become professional marketers. 

2. Scholarship Opportunities  

About 40,600 foreign students received Chinese government scholarships every year. Most of Chinese universities have established scholarship for excellent foreign students in each level, means that you may start as self funding student and in middle of your studies you may get a scholarship. The other option is that starting undergraduate with self funding, then as you already familiar with everything in China you can apply for Chinese government scholarships for your postgraduate studies, note that many more foreigner students use this option.

3. Exploration Chine’s ancient and modern civilization

Studying marketing in China is an excellent opportunity to explore China's unique blend of ancient and modern civilization, as well as its scenic beauty and bustling nightlife. Chinese culture and people are extremely diverse and multicultural, consisting of 56 different ethnicities. You'll run into unique customs as you travel to different parts of China, but everyday life, believe it or not, will be just as new and fulfilling.

4. Increased employment prospects

In China like in many other countries, a bachelor's degree in marketing or a related field is often necessary to obtain an entry-level marketing position. Read on to learn about the skills and training that is needed to start marketing career. There is mounting evidence that foreign students with marketing degree from China are now employed here in china and they are playing many roles in diverse organizations. Many of them are working as market research analysis, advertising, Promotions, and marketing managers etc. Foreigners with marketing degree from china are more likely to get a job in China, because as professional marketer, they are able to analyze international and national markets, able to follow economic trends and developments and they have team worker spirit.

5. Quality of Education and International Recognition

The goal of many marketing degree programs in china is to prepare students to work in international marketing, sales, copywriting, communications and more. Undergraduate programs typically lead to a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing or a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing. Common courses may include: Strategic management, Marketing strategies, Quantitative analysis, Digital marketing, consumer behavior. Some of the additional capacities marketing that a foreign students gain from China including the ability to analyze what products to sell, knowledge of product pricing and placement, talent for understanding consumer choices and creativity to generate new marketing strategies and campaigns.

Marketing programs available in most Chinese Universities include 4 years undergraduate program, 2-3 years masters program and 3-4 years doctoral program. Many universities with marketing program started to recruit foreign students in English taught programs.


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