Arts Degree Program in China - Advertising and Exhibition

1. Introduction

Advertising and Exhibition program cultivates specialized personnel with the knowledge and ability of art design teaching, research and other aspects, can be engaged in advertising planning and display design, exhibition planning, analysis of different industrial background booth exhibition material selection.

2. Core Abilities

Advertising planning ability; ability of plane advertisement design; unique design concept and innovation consciousness; comprehensive exhibition design; computer aided design software for professional application ability; advertising and exhibition design and production of the comprehensive ability.

3. Program Skills

(1) The ability of advertising planning

(2) Plane advertising design ability

(3) The unique design concept and innovation consciousness

(4) Exhibition comprehensive design ability

(5) Application ability of professional computer aided design software.

(6) The comprehensive ability of advertising and exhibition design

4. Job Requirements

1) With professional knowledge of advertising design, VI design, plane design and display design, exhibition planning.

2) With the analysis ability of different industries in the booth of the exhibition material selection, space structures, information communication, stream of people organization, props design, lighting, image and auxiliary facilities resources integration of knowledge.

3) With advertising design and production knowledge.

4) With the knowledge of advertising planning

5) With the relevant knowledge of computer design

6) The knowledge structure of solid foundation, wide knowledge, strong ability and high quality

7) Advertising and marketing knowledge.

8) Employment and entrepreneurial knowledge.

5. Curriculum

Required Courses

Sports, business writing, history of design, computer application, design sketch, color design, composition, design, computer graphic design, computer aided design, FLASH animation design, Photoshop software, AutoCAD software, CorelDraw software, web design, logo and font design, creative graphics, logo and VI design, commercial photography, layout design, packaging design, video editing technology, creative advertising, advertising design, book design and printing, 3D design, drawing and perspective, material and craft production, exhibition lighting exhibition, exhibition introduction, budget, human engineering, display design, exhibition design etc

Elective Courses

Freehand software, design psychology, illustrator software, exhibition marketing, large-scale conference salon management, exhibition management and services, etc.

6. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in advertising design, VI design, graphic design, advertising planning and display design, exhibition planning, analysis of different industries background, booth exhibition material selection, to build a space, to convey information, organizational flow, props design, lights imagery and ancillary facilities, integration of resources.


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