Arts Degree Program in China - Aesthetics

1. Introduction

Aesthetics is a subject that studies the relationship between human and the world beauty appreciation, that is, the object of aesthetic study is the aesthetic activity. Aesthetic activity is a kind of life experience activity which is based on the image of the world, and it is a kind of spiritual and cultural activities of human beings. Aesthetics has a close relationship with literature, psychology, linguistics, anthropology, mythology and so on.

2. Main Content

1). Aesthetic phenomenology

2). Aesthetic typology

3). Aesthetic culture study

4). Formal beauty rule

5). the origin of beauty

6). the discipline history of aesthetics

3. Aesthetic Stage

1) The history of Western Aesthetics

2) The history of Chinese Aesthetics

4. Research Objects

The first view thinks that aesthetics research object is beauty itself, aesthetics is to discuss the problem that is not specific beautiful things, but all the common beauty itself that beautiful things all possess, the essential reason that makes the beauty of all the beautiful things.

The second view is that the object of aesthetics is art, and aesthetics is the philosophy of art. This view has been recognized by a number of aesthetic scientists in the history of western aesthetics.

Third view: aesthetic research object is the aesthetic experience and aesthetic psychology.


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