Arts Degree Program in China - Animation Design

1. Introduction

Animation Design belongs to CG (Computer Graphics) industry, mainly through the way of comic, animation, combining with the story, in the form of two-dimensional, three-dimensional animation, animation effects and other related expressions, to form a unique pattern of visual art creation.

Animation design cultivates students' aesthetics, rational thinking and creation differential appreciation ability by the professional learning of ideas of modern art and practical ability of modern art; can use 3D animation software tools for the creation of 3D animation works of art, can independently complete the task of animation design, animation editing, animation and creative. It is to train high-quality, professional and technical personnel in the field of film and television animation.

2. Animation Features

1) High investment, high profit and high risk

2) Combining with science and technology closely, a big demand for talents.

3) A lot of derivative products, marketing cycle is long.

3. Design Skills

1) Early planning - the preparation of animation design, planning and design of the background, the story e plot, etc.

2) Original drawing design basics - learn the most basic content of animation design, which involves art sketch; grasp the main objects of the dark side and institutional form.

3) Props and scene design - props and scenes is an integral part of the design.

4) Cartoon character design - to master the proportion of characters, the structure of the human body, and then give their ideas and creative design.

5) Two-dimensional animation design - two-dimensional animation design generally refers to the flash animation design.

6) 3D basic knowledge - understands the performance of the form of 3D and master the application of 3D software.

7) 3D props and scene design, using 3D software and the original creation of 3D props and scenes.

8) The role of three-dimensional animation production using 3D software and then the idea of making 3D character painting creation.

9) Three dimensional animation effects design - the use of 3D software to produce animation, commonly used 3D animation software include Max 3Ds and Maya.

4. Design Software

Animation design is divided into: 2D animation software, 3D animation software and web animation software.

2D animation software includes: ANIMO, RETASPRO, USANIMATION.

3D animation software includes: 3DMAYA, MAX, LIGHTWAVE.

Web animation software includes: FLASH.

5. Technical Requirements

Understand the principles of animation, basic animation rules of a variety of common types of roles. Learn Character studio system, the use of Bone skeletal system, as well as the combination of CS and bone, Reactor. Grasp the skin technology, the distribution of the weight, the method of deformation. Animation control equipment for the role of the game to add bones and the entire set of skeletons. Produce circulation and non circulation action in the game, method for making facial expression animation, the production method and the learning dynamics system of the special effect, particle special effect in the game.

Master animation principles and techniques, model of bone structure, skin technology, making game action, expression, animation, game special effects production, system dynamics, with independent ability in production of character animation

6. Industry Development

1) Purchase of animation copyright.

2) Protection of intellectual property rights.

3) The promulgation and revision of laws and regulations.

4) Conduct industry guidance.

5) Establishment of industrial information service system.

6) Strengthen infrastructure construction.

7) Set up an incubator and exchange and cooperation platform.

8) Establishment of research and training institutions.

9) Implement preferential tax policies for the animation industry.

7. Dimensional Designs

Three-dimensional design is the basis of a new generation of digital, virtual and intelligent design platform. It is a new design method built on the basis of plane and two-dimensional design, so that the design goal is more three-dimensional, more vivid.

8. Main Courses

Basic sketch, basic color, Maya, 3Dmax, film special effects, television advertising, 3D animation, film and television post synthesis, animation art design, building foundation design, drawing vector cartoon characters, game scene design, animation design and production, game role advanced design synthesis, advertising effects animation design, film and television late stunt, hand-painted cartoon modeling digital, interactive 3D game scene design, film and television clips output and packaging.

The first stage of animation design:

1) Autodesk 3dsmax architectural design foundation

2) Autosdesk AutoCAD building auxiliary design

3) CorelDraw vector cartoon character drawing

4) Adobe illustrator logo design

5) Autodesk 3dsmax game scene design and production

6) Autodesk 3dmax film and television animation design and production

Stage goal:

Solid space composition and animation effects performing ability

Solid artistic appreciation and artistic expression

Proficiency in various types of graphic, three-dimensional art, animation, film and television late production software

Have a certain understanding of the performance of film and animation and artistic rendering ability

Second stage:

1) Autodesk Maya industrial product design

2) Autodesk Maya special effects animation design

3) Autodesk Maya game character design advanced

4) Adobe AfterEffects movie late stunt synthesis

5) Painter cartoon shape digital hand drawing

6) Particle illusion ion assisted effects production

7) Cycore Cult3D 3D interactive scene game design

8) Comprehensive professional film and television practice production and analysis

9) Adobe Premiere video clip output and packaging

10) integrated combat - graduation project design and evaluation

Stage goal:

Good command of 2D and 3D visual tools.

Be able to skillfully exercise a variety of tools to complete a set of video clips, special effects production tasks

Profound understanding of the performance of film and animation and artistic rendering ability, familiar with the classic film and television special effects production case

9. Training Objectives

The program trains technology application-oriented talents who master the knowledge of computer graphics/image, animation design and production of basic theoretical knowledge and application field, familiar with graphics/image production environment, with animation design, animation production, painting, advertising design, web design skills, and has skilled calculation operation ability of machine technology.

10. Employment Direction

Television stations, gaming companies, television advertising companies, film and television stunt company, network company, website editor, news publishing, digital media and multimedia design, animation design and production company engaged in animation production, film and television advertising, post synthesis, etc.


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