Arts Degree Program in China - Architectural Design

1. Introduction

Architectural Design refers to before constructing the building, designers finish the overall idea of potential problems or may occur in the construction process and use process in advance in accordance with the task of building, propose solution, scheme to these problems, express with drawings and documents. As preparation, construction organization and various types of work in production, work together with each other on the basis of cooperation. Facilitate the whole project to be in the range of the predetermined investment limits, in accordance with the careful consideration of the scheduled program, a unified pace, smooth. And the building fully meets the requirements of the user and the society.

2. Scientific Category

A broad sense of architectural design is the design of a building or a group of buildings to do all the work. Due to the development of science and technology, in the construction of the achievements of the science and technology, more and more widely and deeply, design work often involves architectural, structure to learn and water supply, drainage, heating, air conditioning, electrical, gas, fire protection, fire prevention, automation control and management, building acoustics, building optical, building thermal engineering, cost estimates, landscaping, and other aspects of knowledge and need to close collaboration of scientists and technologists of all kinds.

But the architectural design which is often talked refers to as "architecture" within the scope of the work. It is to solve the problem, including the various buildings within the reasonable arrangement of the function and the use of space, coordination of the buildings and the surrounding environment, and various external conditions, technologies associated with the artistic effect of the interior and exterior, each detail of the structure, buildings and structures, built with all kinds of equipment such as the comprehensive coordination, and how to with less material, less labor, less investment, less time to achieve the requirements. To architecture as a professional, good architectural design experts called the architect. The narrow architect is specifically refers to through the national examination after the professional personnel, known as the registered architect. In addition to the architect of the architectural profession, do a good job in this professional work, but also good at synthesizing a variety of relevant professional requirements, the correct solution to the contradictions between the design and the various types of work.

3. Software

Involving software: Photoshop, CAD, 3D Max, Vray, specific color correction after effects, editing output Premiere Premirer, animation combustion and renderer Vray, tree plug-in TreeStorm and speedTree, holographic map RPC, forest pack, natural landscape Dreamscape

4. Sections

1) Interior design

2) Interior performance

3) Architectural expression

4) Architectural animation

5) Building construction plans

5. Training Directions

The program is to cultivate innovative construction professionals who can be engaged in mechanism design, scientific research units and professional institutions for architectural design and related fields of engineering practice and design research, with humanistic spirit, art consciousness, rely on art atmosphere and artistic disciplines comprehensive teaching resources, emphasizing architectural phenomenon of deep thinking and innovation in design practice with spiritual practice.

6. Major Courses

1) Basic courses: preliminary design, construction drawing and model foundation, form and space, construction example analysis and interpretation, construction technology foundation,

2) Professional courses: contemporary architectural history and theory, planning design, construction and structure, experience and space, regional architecture research, the construction of economic laws and regulations, conceptual design, urban (landscape) design, architecture and interior design, building renewal and transformation, design practice, graduation design and thesis.

7. Employment Prospects

Architectural design units, enterprises engaged in construction, decoration and design work; building decoration company engaged in the design and decoration, decoration construction technology and management work; construction companies, real estate enterprises engaged in the design and consulting, technology and management work; qualified for indoor and outdoor building designers, construction of engineering drawing, virtual reality production, modeling, model making and other positions.


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