Arts Degree Program in China - Art and Technology

1. Introduction

Art and Technology program is based on the basic concept of depth fusion of art design and science and technology, combined with cultural development strategy, in the cultural and creative industries and digital content industry, from the perspective of space, art, media, technology and business integration, in the design of the space environment, information interaction design, new media arts and other fields, and cultivate high-end art design talent with an international perspective, cross discipline foundation and innovative ability.

2. Training Objectives

Art and technology program train excellent talents with all round development of morality, intelligence, body and beauty, adapt to the modern exhibition industry development needs, with modern exhibition design knowledge and innovation ability.

3. Training Requirements

This major requires students to master the basic theory, basic knowledge and skills of art and science and technology, and has the basic ability of exhibition design, organization planning and so on.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1) Familiar with the principles and policies of literature and art;

2) With the basic theory, basic knowledge of the program;

3) understand the development of art and science and technology;

4) With a high artistic accomplishment, the ability to complete the creation and teaching independently;

5) Has certain practical work ability and the preliminary scientific research ability.

5. Employment Prospects

Graduates mainly work in cultural and creative industries related education, scientific research institutions, or related businesses, including the space and environment design company, IT company user experience and product development department, film and television animation company, digital entertainment related companies, media and media arts institutions, etc.


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