Arts Degree Program in China - Art Design

1. Introduction

Art Design students mainly study the basic principles and basic knowledge of art design to understand the history and present situation of art design, have the basic quality of the theoretical research through the basic training in art design theory thinking ability, the plastic arts foundation and design principle and methods, can be engaged in the design art teaching, design planning, design creation and research, etc.

Art design is an interdisciplinary subject that integrates technology and art, although the connotation penetrates into the practical design plan, but mainly refers to the practical beautiful modeling plan.

2. Training Objectives

The program trains specialized personnel equipped with the knowledge and ability of art design teaching, research and other aspects who can be engaged in the art and design education, research, design, publishing, and cultural museum and other units for art design teaching, research, editing and other aspects work.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master the basic theory and the basic situation of art design;

2) Master the history and development law of art design;

3) Master the analysis methods and evaluation principles of art design works;

4) With the basic ability to carry out art design research and teaching;

5) Understand the guidelines, policies and regulations of relevant economic, cultural, arts career;

6) Understand the development dynamics of art design and art design research.

4. Main Subjects

Art, history, philosophy

5. Main Courses

Introduction to art design, art design, Chinese art design history, foreign art design history, Chinese arts and crafts history, foreign art history, art archaeology, art design foundation, etc

Main practical teaching: social investigation, practice of art design, the cultural heritage investigation, etc.

6. Subject Target

The ultimate goal of art design is to control the spectator's movement through the combination of form and its combination to achieve the purpose of. Printing design is the controller of viewpoint motion; industrial design is control of the viewpoint and winding motion; interior design, architectural design, landscape design, urban design is controller of view and experience the movement, and move through the adjustable moving thinking activity, which affects people's thoughts and feelings of the changes. On the other hand, in the form of movement in the universe, it is the most compelling form. From this, it is known that how important it is to create the shape of the movement.

7. Similar Programs

Musicology, composition and composition technology theory, musical performances, painting, sculpture, art, art design, art design, dance, choreography, drama, acting, directing, theatre, film and television literature, drama, film and television art design, photography, recording arts, animation, broadcast and presided over the art, art, film and television, convention and exhibition of art and technology, landscape architectural design, digital media art

8. Required Software

Photoshop, Coreldraw, Flash, Fireworks, AutoCAD, Dreamweaver, 3DMAX

9. Employment Prospects

After graduation, students can be engaged in the design and management at urban construction departments like urban planning, architecture and landscape; students can be engaged in the construction, design and project management at design companies, engineering companies and other industries; engaged in business management, materials management in the related enterprises; engaged in the construction and supervision work in related projects; engaged in environmental conservation and management work at property companies and enterprises.


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