Arts Degree Program in China - Artistic Theory

1. Introduction

Artistic Theory is a comprehensive discussion of the category of art, there are a lot of art categories, the complexity of forms, styles and themes, genres determines its diversity, and continues to introduce new. In music, art, dance, drama and opera, film and television and opera and acrobatics arts, how to on the creation, design, performance, playing numerous phenomena as overall contemplation, difference between the individuality and commonness, the common induction and build a complete system, explain the nature and characteristics of art, the occurrence and development of art, art and social function, art in the cultural orientation, and art of its own problems, make into the orbit of the humanities and Social Sciences, is the main task of artistic disciplines. The subject and the music science, art, art design, dance, film, radio and television art, drama, drama, etc. there are a wide range of close contacts.

2. Business Scope

Scope of study: the study of art is divided into several branches. In addition to the principle of art, there are Chinese and foreign art history, art aesthetics, art criticism, comparative art, art taxonomy. Art morphology, folk art, art literature, art education, art management, etc.; the combination of art and multidisciplinary, there are many branches of the nature of the edge and cross nature of the subject. Such as the psychology of art, art, ethics, art and culture, art and society, art and religion, art and archaeology, art economics, marketing, communication art, industrial art, environmental art learn etc.. Art research and the professional history of the two disciplines, professional theory and its related professional aesthetics and so on. The relationship between them is different, complementary to each other. The classification research of art is a part of the whole framework, and it is an organic part of the comprehensive study.

3. Curriculum

Art psychology, art and culture, and related techniques and theories, etc

4. Related Programs

Philosophy, aesthetics, sociology, psychology, ethnology, science education, history, musicology, fine arts, design and art, dance, film, drama, radio television arts.


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