Arts Degree Program in China - Arts and Crafts

1. Introduction

Arts and Crafts, refers to the plastic arts that beautifies the living things and the living environment. Its prominent feature is the combination of material production and the creation of beauty, with practical as the main purpose, and has the aesthetic characteristics, as one of the plastic arts. Also refers to the art of painting with a variety of practical and combined with the appreciation of the value of the arts and crafts, usually with a dual nature: both material products, but also has a different degree of spiritual aesthetic.

The program trains specialized personnel in the first line of the production and service engaged in crafts design and production, advertising, product sales, event planning, interior renderings, indoor layout design, decoration project site management, print advertising production and design, jewelry design, advertising design jewelry, jewelry enterprise image design.

2. Categories

1) Special technology

Art ceramics, metal crafts, glass crafts, art enamel, lacquer art, artistic carving

2) Artistic Textile

Jacquard textile, carpet weaving crafts, drawnwork crafts, embroidery craft

3) Craft painting

The painting, feather painting, straw painting, shell painting, pyrography, velvet painting etc

4) Folk craft

Lanterns, paper cut, kites, festive lanterns, clay man, dough man, sugar man etc

5) Knitting process

Bamboo knitting, straw knitting, palm fibre weaving, wheat-stack plaited article, braided rope

6) Book binding

Whirlwind binding, butterfly binding, package binding, wire binding, glue line, glue line binding, hard binding, jacket, belt, special equipment

7) Seal cutting

In the jade, seal, steatite, horns, animal bones, gold, bronze, copper and other materials, intention graver calligraphy, grouping words.

3. Material and Color

1) Recognizing and identifying the individual character of the material is the basic starting point of appreciating the beauty of material.

2) The craft level of the material processing technology to play a direct reflection of the level of the material to show the level.

4. Hakka Art

1) Drawing technology

2) Paper cutting technology

3) Hand rolling technology

5. Courses

Art history, arts and crafts history, arts and crafts introduction, the basis of painting, aesthetics, professional writing, literature, history, archaeology, museums, cultural history, folklore, ethnology and management.

Practice: combined with teaching, organize students to participate in social survey, business practice and other practical activities.

6. Training Requirements

This program requires students to grasp the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of arts and crafts, with the basic ability of crafts design and production, crafts color matching.

7. Knowledge and Ability

1) Familiar with the principles and policies of literature and art;

2) With the basic theory, basic knowledge of the program;

3) understand the technology and art of cutting-edge technology;

4) With a high artistic accomplishment, the ability to complete the creation and teaching independently;

5) Has certain practical work ability and the preliminary scientific research ability.

8. Employment Prospects

The employment prospect of arts and crafts is good; the employment rate is relatively high. Graduates can be engaged in advertising industry, shopping malls, printing industry, studio, the real estate industry for the overall planning, design and production, marketing; arts and crafts design and production, handicraft color collocation, etc.


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