Arts Degree Program in China - Broadcast and TV Director

1. Introduction

Broadcast and TV Director program cultivates senior professionals with the professional knowledge in broadcast TV program planning, creation, production and high political level, theoretical accomplishment and artistic appreciation ability, who can be engaged in the work of radio, television program director, art photography, sound design, sound director, writer, screenwriter, production, social and literary show host in the national radio, film and television system and cultural departments of radio and television art subject.

2. Training Objectives

The students mainly study basic theory and basic knowledge of art, literature, aesthetics, radio and television art science, receive the basic training in radio and television programs directing, planning, production, presiding, master the basic ability of creation, management, broadcasting, television programs, columns, channel, and so on.

3. Main Subjects

Art, journalism and communication studies

4. Main Courses

Communication, introduction to media art, broadcasting and hosting, analysis of introduction to TV art, drama introduction, Chinese opera, film and television works, audio-visual language, TV program making, color science, planning photography technology, lighting technology, TV programs, documentary, radio television show host, radio and TV program editing and technology, non-linear editing technology, etc.

Other Courses

Chinese modern literature selection, television arts program creation, the TV screen editing, film photography technology, television art director, television director, television presided over the art, television program planning, media industry operation and management, etc.

5. Similar Programs

Directing, radio, television and journalism, drama film and television literature

6. Practice

Including the course work practice, recognition practice, graduation assignment, graduation practice, etc, course work practice is according to the teaching syllabus and teaching schedule requirements, recognition practice is completed in the winter and summer vacation, graduation assignments are finished 5 weeks before graduation internship. Graduation practice is generally arranged for 20 weeks, after the graduation internship, graduation practice assignment and graduation internship identification are required to be handed in, graduation internship job and graduation thesis are examined at the same time.

7. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in various levels of radio, film and television systems and cultural departments for radio, television program directing, art photography, sound design, sound directing, writing, screenwriting, directing and producing, the social education and literary program host, can also be engaged in the print media as a text reporter, photojournalists. Art directing students need to study TV program production technology, planning and research, literature, drama theory, audio-visual language, drama, dance, music, appreciation of film and television fine products.


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