Arts Degree Program in China - Choreograph

1. Introduction

Choreograph program is the study on the teaching theory of choreography and  human motion editing techniques, a discipline that conducts scientific research and practice on teaching of choreography, personnel training, drama creation, stage directing, scientific research and innovation. Its characteristics are to inherit traditional dance culture, adopt world dance culture, construct the integrity, system, scientificity, openness of education and teaching system of dance choreograph discipline.

Choreographer is the organizer and leader of dance (dance drama) works creation, rehearsal and performance process. Its professional feature is the close combination and high degree of unity "composing" and "directing". The particularity of the dance art is to express the character's thoughts and feelings and the plot content through the dance movements. In dance creation, the creator from the in-depth life capture image dance, creating and organizing dance language, layout design dances, to its artistic conception through the rehearsal eventually by actor reflected on stage, is an inalienable complete process of artistic creation. Therefore, in the process of creation of dance works, and the guide is also closely linked inseparable.

2. Types

1) Square type

2) Ceremony typical

3) Targeted business type

4) General comprehensive

3. Training Requirements

The students are familiar with literary and artistic principles and policies; systematically master the basic theory and professional skills of dance, understand the knowledge of related disciplines, have higher cultural and artistic accomplishment, strong aesthetic feeling and creative thinking, with the ability of observing, understanding and generalizing life, can use choreographer means to complete the creation and rehearsal of dance works independently, and with ability in the professional teaching and the preliminary research.

4. Knowledge and Skills

1). Master the basic theory and knowledge of dance choreographer discipline;

2). Master the analysis method and technology of dance director;

3). Have the basic ability of dance directing;

4). Understand the choreographer theory, application prospects and development trends;

5). Master the basic methods of literature search and data query, and have the ability of scientific research and practical work.

5. Main Subjects

Art studies

6. Main Courses

Choreography, dance basic skills training, modern dance technology, dance combination training, dance repertoire analysis, dance creation practice, music (piano, musical form analysis), choreographer theory, modern dance basic courses, modern dance classes.

7. Practice Teaching

The main practical teaching: including social practice and artistic practice, the general arrangement is 15 weeks.

8. Similar Programs

Musicology, composition and composition technology theory, musical performances, painting, sculpture, art, art design, art design, dance, choreography, drama, acting, directing, theatre, film and television literature, drama, film and television art design, photography, recording arts, animation, broadcast and presided over the art, art, film and television, convention and exhibition of art and technology, landscape architectural design, digital media art

9. Employment Prospects

Professional performance groups, art groups, schools, scientific research units, performing arts institutions engaged in the dance choreography and teaching and research work in Chinese dance, ballet, modern dance.


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