Arts Degree Program in China - Dance

1. Introduction

Dance is a science that studies the art of dance in a comprehensive, systematic and historical study. The dance includes three main parts, including the dance theory, the history of dance and the appreciation of dance. The purpose is to cultivate dance art talents.

2. Training Objectives

The program trains senior professional talents who can be engaged in the history of dance, dance theory research, dance teaching and editing and other work. The discipline cultivates senior dance art talents and composite application-oriented talents who can be engaged in schools, arts organizations, art museum of culture, youth and children's palaces and other units for the teaching, creation, counseling work of classical dance, folk dance, ballet and modern dance and other dances.

3. Training Requirements

The students should master literary principles, policies and scientific and cultural knowledge, the basic theoretical knowledge and professional skills of dance teaching, choreographing and know the knowledge of related disciplines, have strong aesthetic feeling and creative thinking, with the ability of professional teaching, counseling and creation, grasp analysis ability of dance works, has a strong theoretical writing ability.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1). Master the basic theoretical knowledge and skills of dance discipline;

2). Master the analysis method and general technology of main dances;

3). with the basic ability of dance writing, review and performing;

4). understand the forefront dynamic of the dance art, application scenarios and development trends;

5). Master the basic methods of literature retrieval and data query, and have certain practical ability.

5. Main disciplines, Program Characteristics and Program Directions

1). Main subjects: Art, education.

2). Program direction: the direction of dance performance, dance education

3). Program characteristics: Dance program is characterized by developing dance art application-oriented compound talents, through the basic theory learning and skills training of dance education, form the basic ability of good dance teacher quality and dancing teaching and dance performances, scientific research.

6. Main Courses

Dance whiting course, dance morphology, China folk dance culture, the world ballet history outline, European and American modern dance history, dance literature retrieval and utilization, China dance image theory, Chinese and foreign dance thought course, dance anatomy, dance introduction, dance works analysis, choreography, performance basis, aesthetics, music theory, music appreciation, music analysis, minority dance history, history of dance, art, human anatomy, Chinese classical literature, contemporary literature, foreign literature; Chinese classical dance, rhythm, basic skills, modern dance, Latin dance, Oriental dance, Dunhuang dance, classical dance teaching method, the teaching of folk dance, ballet teaching method

The main practical teaching: including social practice and dance status investigation, the general arrangement is for 4 weeks.

7. Employment Field

Graduates can be engaged in the literary and artistic performance groups, children's palace, and palace of culture, group art gallery, art schools, primary and secondary schools, public institutions propaganda organs as dance teacher, choreographer, rhythmic gymnastics coach, dancers and so on.

8. Similar Programs

Musicology, composition and composition technology theory, music performing painting, sculpture, aesthetic, art design, dance, dance choreographer, drama, acting, directing, theatre, film, literature, drama, film, art, design, photography, recording arts, animation, broadcast with chair, art, art, film and television studies, exhibition of art and technology, landscape architectural design, digital media arts

9. Dance Theory

Dance theory focuses on the relationship between dance art and social life, the characteristics of dance art, the development law of dance art and other issues. Dance and other art are the same, are reflection of social life of human society, a social ideology; dance and other art is the main difference between the performance of tools and means of expression of different. The main tool of dance art is the human body; the main means of expression is the body's dance moves. Dance is one of the most ancient art forms of human social life, which is based on the dynamic image of the human body.

The research of dance theory is divided into two main categories, the basic theory and the application theory. Mainly include: basic theory of dance of dance and life and interaction, the origin and development of dance art the essence and characteristics, dance, dance of the content and the form, the dance of types and genres, dance and other arts the relationship between basic problems. Mainly include: Dance Theory (or choreographer theory) theory of dance creation, dance performance theory and dance education theory. The creation method of dance creation theory mainly studies the creation of dance of the special rule of the general rule and the creation of various genres of dance and the creation of dance, dance, and choreographer should possess professional knowledge, ability and skills.

10. Dance Appreciation

Study of dance appreciation, dance reviews and dance works how to obtain and strengthen the social effects is the most active, the most popular and social aspect among dance, it has a close contact with choreographers, dancers of the creation, performance and the broad masses of people in the dance art aesthetic practice. Dance appreciation mainly the study of dance appreciation of the nature and role of, dance appreciation and creative dance and dance criticism, dance appreciation activities should have the subjective and objective conditions, enjoy the dance of the resonance phenomenon and psychological characteristics. Dance criticism is the evaluation of the creation and performance of specific dance works. It is the object of study although ought to contemporary dance art practice as the focus, but also to give the history of dance art of the past evaluation, summarizes their successful experience and failure lessons, and give a theoretical explanation.


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