Arts Degree Program in China - Dance Performance

1. Introduction

Dance Performance task is translating the ideological content of the works into visual and sensible dance image with the obtained dance movements, modeling and skills, combined with music and art and other artistic means. The characteristic of the dance performance is that the actor is the main body of the performing practice. The dancer is restricted by works, who is also the passive implementer of directing and design. The dancer has the initiative recreation.

The dance performance is the creative stage embodiment in dance choreography. He should have a comprehensive artistic accomplishment, creativity and performance. The image of the dance is displayed through space and flows in the time. Therefore, the stage embodiment of the dance performance and the process of the dance appreciation are unified and synchronized.

The students of dance performance mainly learn dance basic knowledge and basic theory; receive the training of dance performances, with the ability to engage in dance performance.

2. Characteristics

1) The unity of technology and art

2) With both form and spirit.

3) Combination of virtual and real

4) Coordination of facial expression and action

3. Training Objectives

The program is to cultivate senior application-oriented specialized talents with good professional ethics and sound personality; with the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation; with a solid theory knowledge in dance, performance, can achieve higher professional standards in dance performance, choreography, good at grasping performance style of various types of forms of works; has the ability in appreciating, analyzing and criticizing all kinds of dance works, with the ability of planning, organizing, hosting and managing a variety of dance performances; have the professional quality of being engaged in the professional teaching, performance, creation and research.

4. Knowledge and Skills

1) Master the basic theoretical knowledge and skills of dance disciplines;

2) With the ability to appreciate the dance of different ethnic groups;

3) Master the analysis method of main dances and general technology;

4) With the basic ability in dance writing, review and performing;

5) Understand the forefront dynamic, application scenarios and development trends of the dance art;

6). Master the basic methods of literature retrieval and data query, and have certain practical ability.

5. Main Courses

Introduction to art, introduction to dance art, China and foreign dance history, dance appreciation of dance works, dance aesthetics, etc

Basic knowledge of the field of dance human science: Dance anatomy, exercise physiology, sports training, sports biomechanics, etc.

Professional courses of dance: ballet basic training, body charm of Chinese classical dance, Chinese folk dance (including Fujian folk dance), modern dance, dance edit and creation, Chinese classical dance skills, etc

6. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in the work of dancers, dance teaching, counseling organization at art groups, professional schools and ordinary schools, the art museum (station), youth palace, business units; or juvenile amateur dance teaching rehearsal; or planning, choreographer and rehearsal work for enterprise culture, community culture and large-scale cultural activities.


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