Arts Degree Program in China - Decorative Art Design

1. Introduction

Decorative Art Design needs to have higher cultural quality and artistic accomplishment, skilled various decorative material properties and process making skills, with high decorative art design creation ability and the preliminary scientific research ability, relates to the business sector, all kinds of design company engaged in indoor and outdoor design, decorative painting, landscape design, furniture design, community planning etc. creative design.

2. Training Objectives

The program cultivates specialized personnel adapt to the market, construction, management, development, service needs of the first line, with decorative art design and creation, teaching and research aspects of knowledge and ability, can be engaged in art and design education, research, design, production and management units engaged in art and design, research study, teaching, management, and other aspects work.

3. Main Courses

Lacquer art, ceramics, fiber, dyeing, metal, jewelry design, computer digital printing, glass art, computer application basis, sports, sketch, color, constitute the three major, indoor decoration design, decoration materials of construction and engineering budget and final accounts, exhibition design, furniture design, landscape ms211, Coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop, 3DMAX.

4. Classification

Residential space design

Office space design

Landscape design

Space design

5. Program Characteristics






6. Commonly Used Software



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Wenzhou Medical University

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