Arts Degree Program in China - Digital Media Arts

1. Introduction

Digital Media Arts is a comprehensive discipline crossing natural science, social science and humanities, which embodies the idea of "science, art and humanity". The number reflects its science and technology base, the media emphasizes its foothold in the media industry, the art is clear that it is the art of creative works and digital products, such as the application of art design.

Currently, the field is a cross disciplinary field, involving the form art, art design, interactive design, computer language, computer graphics, information and communication technology, and other aspects knowledge.

2. Program Directions

Digital media arts program is divided into three professional directions: digital game design, digital film and television production and network media design.

1) The game is high-tech culture collecting music, art, literature and other forms of art, digital game design is science, art and the organic integration of humanities knowledge and generate huge commercial value of the typical example.

2) Digital television production direction takes CG technology and art as the core, with broadband Internet based, in-depth digital high-definition applications, mainly in digital cinema, digital TV, network multimedia art digital art exploration and practice.

3) Network media design direction is based on the development of network and multimedia technology, art, focus on the integration of cross media art forms of design and application of computer network, communication network and television network.

3. Setting Background

Digital media arts program develops composite application-oriented design talents with a good scientific literacy and art accomplishment, know technology and understand the art, can use computer new media design tool works of art design and creation.

Students mainly study the basic theory, knowledge and skills of computer science and technology; can master a variety of digital media production software, has good art appreciation ability and certain art design ability.

4. Main Subjects

Computer science, communication science, art design, multimedia technology

5. Main Courses

Computer technology basics, communication technology basics, digital signal processing technology, computer network, digital image processing, web design, multimedia information processing and transmission, flow media technology, principles of animation and design of network games, video effects and non-linear editing system, virtual reality, art design introduction, design aesthetics, etc

6. Practice Teaching

Multimedia web page design, photography and design, FLAH animation design, digital audio and video production, digital media network transmission, and many other practical aspects, they together with graduation design to form a complete practical teaching link. In addition, professional practice contains the link in the television, film and television companies, Internet media company, media industry, the advertising industry, entertainment industry, animation design company, architectural design (architecture roaming and environmental design), the design of the living environment and education industry.

7. Core Abilities

1) Master the basic theory and knowledge of computer science and technology;

2) With a solid digital media art operation ability;

3) Master digital media art design method and technology;

4) With the ability to independently complete the art design of digital media;

5) understand the development of digital media art;

6) Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have the ability of scientific research and practical work.

8. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in Internet media company, media, film and television advertising, entertainment and game industry, animation design company, industrial product design, architectural design (architecture roaming and environmental design), the design of the living environment and education industry.

Available posts: visual designers, graphic designers


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