Arts Degree Program in China - Drama and Film and Television Director

1. Introduction

Director is the soul and core of the creation of film and television art, the commander in chief of the creative team, bearing important responsibilities and functions, today the creation of film and television becomes more and more commercialized and specialized, higher requirements are put forward to the director’s artistic accomplishment and cultural heritage. Directing program trains talents who have the ability of drama, drama director, film, drama director and drama theory research, including the following learning directions: opera director, drama director and film director.

Drama and film and television director program aims to find students with certain quality, potential and ability, through the training of the story construction, image modeling, sound processing, performance control and post production, develop compound special high-quality talents proficient in the audio-visual language, master director job skills, with certain ability in imagination, creativity, execution, can be engaged in movies, TV drama, documentary director job independently.

2. Training Objectives

Drama and film and television director program cultivates senior specialized personnel equipped with the basic theory of drama, opera and movie and television literature and script creative ability, can be engaged in literary creation, editing and film and television director working in theatre or television and film factory, the editorial department and other departments, and in state organs, culture and institutions for the practical work.

3. Training Requirements

Students majoring in drama and film and television director mainly study literature and art policy, master the basic theory and creative skills of drama and opera, television, film literature, with strong ability in observing, understanding, summarizing life, strong writing ability and strong ability in art directing

4. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master the basic theory and basic knowledge of drama, drama, film and television literature creation;

2) With the basic ability of drama, drama, film and television creation;  

3) Understand the principles, policies and regulations of literature and art, publicity and publication;

4) Understand the current situation and development trends of drama, drama, film and television theory and creation;

5) Master the basic methods of literature retrieval, data query, with a certain ability of theoretical research and theoretical criticism.

5. Main Courses

Basic courses

Aesthetics of literature and art, ancient Chinese, China modern and contemporary literature, foreign literature, basic writing, Chinese and foreign classical drama appreciation, film and television screenwriter, performance, artistic director, audio-visual language, TV drama, film and television drama reviews, China film history, foreign film history, film analysis, type of film, film aesthetics, director of master studies, film and television drama adaptation, TV writing style, documentary research and the creation, the photography composition, the TV programs editing production, film and television recording, film and television art design, Chinese and foreign works of art appreciation, Chinese and foreign music appreciation, musical introduction etc. Drama film and television director program pays attention to the cultivation and improvement of students' actual combat ability, interpersonal communication and other comprehensive quality through the film director practice and cross professional students' joint film and television shooting training.

Professional Courses

Professional courses mainly include three modules: the drama course series, acting course series, director course series. Recording basis, music basics, audio-visual language, aesthetics, color science, introduction to art, analysis of the history of Chinese and foreign film, works of art, Chinese and foreign literature, film and television director, film and television drama, film and television works of great masters read solution, film and television appreciation of fine, basis of painting, composition in photography, advertising photography, television camera, digital image processing technology, news photography, video light art, documentary creation, science and educational film creation foundation, program production, video editing and animation, etc.

Practice Teaching

The main practical teaching: including social practice and artistic practice, the general arrangement is 3 weeks per semester.

6. Employment Prospects

Television stations, film and television production enterprises, film and television media and colleges and universities


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