Employment prospects for Foreigner with Art degree in China

 Brief Introduction

China offers excellent opportunities for foreigners holding art degree. Employment market for foreigners in different area of art is growing fast in China, and many new positions in most Chinese art industries are becoming available. As China is emerging as a global financial force, these give a chance to many foreigners with different kind of skills in graphic design, illustration; photograph an opportunity to work in China. Employment opportunities become more easily for those who earned their art degree in Chinese universities. For example, there is extensive need of art directors in the media and broadcasting industry all over China. Depending on the art industry, they may have requested to work as graphic designers, illustrators, copy editors, or photographers, or in another art or design occupation to gain an experience before becoming art directors. Other foreign designers and artists who can produce images for television, film, advertisements, or video games are also needed in China. Therefore, foreigners with bachelor’s, masters and doctoral degree in any art discipline may easily get job in any art industry in China.  

Employment prospects in China

In Chinese art industries: 

- Foreigners with art degree in are most needed as Theatre and Film Director , drama and film makers, stage designers for theatre, Costume and make-up designers, fashion designer, photographer, TV animation designers, game designers. 

In Chinese Universities: 

- Chinese universities serve, among other things, as repositories for international expertise in Arts. Faculty work within departments, usually organized around the major art disciplines such as music education, Dance Choreography and dance Education, digital media arts, and arts theory. Their job consists of teaching (communicating skills and knowledge to students) and research (creating new knowledge and communicating it to others). In China, University foreign faculty usually have a great deal of freedom in selecting what they will research and teach, enabling them to develop specialized knowledge in a wide variety of art areas.

Foreigners with arts degree may qualify to enter into various career fields that require both talents and knowledge from university/college. Employers seeking candidates with a broad knowledge, strong communication capabilities and critical-thinking skills may find the right employee in one arts industry. 

Working conditions

According to Chinese labor law, the standard working time is 40 hours per week. In theory, the standard work week in China runs from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6pm, but in reality, overtime is the norm . All Foreigner workers in China are entitled to three national holidays, each stretching into a week of vacation: Chinese New Year (usually in late January or late February), International Labor Day (first week of May) and National Day (first week of October). 

While employees get the week off, the government mandates that workers "make up" for the holiday by working through the previous weekend (resulting in only three days off). In any case, you should ensure that your holidays are stated in your employment contract. Employment package for foreigner working any art industry in China depend on whether you are hired as an expat from abroad, your work experience, the standard of the institutions which hired you, and your specialized area. 

Employment benefits for a foreigner with art degree working in China

- Healthcare: When working in China, you will certainly want a foreign healthcare package and an evacuation service. This may be included in your employment contract.

- Vacations: Standard vacations in most Chinese institutions are 3-4 weeks of paid vacation per year. If you get lucky, your vacation package will also include a yearly return flight to your home country.

- Visa: Most of institutions in China handle all tasks related to your visa. 

- Bonuses and raises: Standard bonuses are a month salary or less. Standard raises vary from year to year, but are normally between 5-15%.

In high-level positions, you will often get a mobile phone and a car and/or driver, or at least have travel to and from work reimbursed.

Qualifications for working China

A bachelor’s degree in art is a major requirement and having higher education like masters or Doctoral degree increase your chance of getting a job not only easily but also in international recognized institution. 


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