Arts Degree Program in China - Environment Design

1. Introduction

Environment Design is a practical art for the design and integration of the space environment of the interior and outer building through the way of artistic design.

Environmental design is a complex cross disciplinary, involving disciplines including architecture, urban planning, landscape design, ergonomics, environmental psychology, aesthetic design, social science, history, archaeology, religion, environmental ecology, environment behavior science disciplines.

Environment design through certain organization, enclosure means, to handle the space interface (interior and exterior cylinder, floor, roof, doors, windows, etc.) in arts (shape, color, texture, etc.), use natural light and artificial lighting, furniture, ornaments layout, style, and other design language, and flowers and plants, water, sketches, sculpture and other configuration, building indoor and outdoor space environment, reflecting the specific atmosphere and has a certain style, to meet people's function and visual aesthetic needs.

2. Main Courses

The scope of environmental design is very wide, indoor, outdoor, garden, landscape, but also involves some urban planning, involved in art, sculpture, decorative culture, building basic knowledge, landscape art, human engineering, design schools, materials science, psychology and other fields.

Architectural and landscape drawing, Behavior and environment, Materials and methods, Construction technology, Environmental control systems, Urban history, Computer-aided design, Landscape design, Community planning, Architectural history, Landscape ecology, Law and urban land use, Site systems and engineering, Geographical information systems (GIS), Restoration and reclamation ecology, Facilities planning and design

3. Major Categories

The planning and design of the earth's surface space and the design of the earth plan

Urban planning and design

Architectural design

Interior design

Outdoor design

Public art design

4. Characteristics and Requirements





Science and technology

5. Design Principles

1) Residential environment design:

The residential environment design should take the building as the main body

Environmental design is to meet the use features

Art design is an important subject in outdoor environment design.

Greening is an important factor to optimize the outdoor space

2) Residential environment:

Landscape sketch is an indispensable ornament in the living environment.

The use of high-tech advanced products, technology and technology is the inevitable trend of outdoor environmental design

Environmental design should pay special attention to the work of ecological protection

Using technical and economic analysis method to plan the rationality of the design of residential district environment

6. Training Objectives

The program is to train high-quality design talents with modern design consciousness, grasp the advanced design means, have the art design, environmental design and other aspects of knowledge and ability, can satisfy the requirements of the functions of institutions at all levels and design department of professional design talent, while at the same time to adapt capital needs of art designer of colleges.

7. Training Requirements

The students mainly study basic theory and basic knowledge of art and design, the creation of art design professional skills and methods, to understand the historical situation and the development trend of domestic and foreign art design, with copy planning, product design, skilled use all kinds of computer software design of modern art design and production of the basic capabilities. Mainly includes following several aspects of the knowledge and ability: has a strong knowledge of environmental art, grasp and relevant knowledge of environmental art, can undertake from market research to the creative planning and all kinds of art design the whole process of overall planning; have certain space design and environmental design ability, master more comprehensive design professional basic knowledge, have professional design of performance and appreciation ability and the corresponding professional development ability; to master the use of computer design software and photography techniques, with comprehensive strong art and design ability, relatively broad knowledge and cultural accomplishment and strong language expression ability.

8. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, institute of landscape design, architectural design institute, enterprises and institutions for architectural design, real estate development, garden and landscape design, interior design, project supervision, industrial product design, project design and development work.


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