Arts Degree Program in China - Exhibition Art and Technology

1. Introduction

Exhibition Art and Technology program cultivates compound and application-oriented talents equipped with a solid art design ability and familiar with engineering techniques and materials, and understand the basic knowledge of convention and exhibition management, adaptation ability, wide knowledge, can adapt to the needs of the development of the internationalization of the exhibition industry, pioneering innovation ability and team spirit of collaboration, in the Convention and exhibition industry enterprises, professional design agencies engaged in exhibition art design and production.

2. Program Characteristics

The program sticks to combination of theory and practice, focuses on the comprehensive knowledge and ability training and cultivation of art design, engineering technology, exhibition planning. It requires students to master the art and design professional skills and theoretical knowledge, familiar with the exhibition art and design history, current situation, the dynamic development of the industry and related policies and regulations, the master and the professional related engineering technology, materials budget, management and planning all elements of knowledge, have strong learning ability and innovation ability, independent of convention and exhibition of art and design, engineering implementation, can be competent for the exhibition project overall planning and design, exhibition design, specific booth and festival activities, meetings and other art design related work.

3. Training Requirements

1) Requirements for knowledge structure

(1) Systematically master the professional skills and theoretical knowledge of art design;

(2) Familiar with the exhibition art and design history, current situation and the developing trend of the industry, have strong modern design awareness and ability, to complete an independent exhibition booth distribution and the surrounding environment design, booth design and production;

(3) Master the knowledge of engineering and technology, materials and budget, management and planning of exhibition art design;

(4) Familiar with the development of the exhibition industry and the relevant policies and regulations, basic knowledge of exhibition management.

2) Quality Requirements

(1) Basic cultural quality and professional quality to be engaged in the professional field; 

(2) Good aesthetic accomplishment and certain cultural quality;

(3) The ability to independently carry out art design and the implementation of organizational engineering;

(4) With strong learning ability and innovation ability, can adapt to the rapid development of exhibition industry, the requirements of the knowledge structure of talents;

(5) With team spirit and strong communication skills.

4. Main Subjects

Art, engineering, literature

5. Main Courses

Sketch, color, three major constitution, decoration basics, perspective, engineering and drafting, display design, environment and facilities design, display space performance techniques, computer design software application, advertising design, printing process release and process, display props design and production, ergonomics, materials and budget, traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, introduction to exhibition, exhibition advertising and media, exhibition regulations, the organization and management of large-scale activities.

6. Main Practice

Sketch, collecting folk songs, market research, program inspection, exhibition enterprise practice, graduation practice, graduation design (graduation thesis)

7. Employment Prospects

Exhibition company, exhibition center, exhibition organizations of the government, exhibition industry association, environmental design company, advertising department, professional design agencies, events planning companies, art design department, all kinds of news media and publicity departments, news publishing units, education or training machine structure and other enterprises and institutions engaged in operation, exhibition project planning the implementation of the business planning and brand promotion, art design of exhibition space, exhibition planning operation, exhibition technical projects implementation, advertising operation and management, teaching, training and scientific research, etc.


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