Arts Degree Program in China - Film Editing

1. Introduction

Film Editing is to complete a fluent work with clear meaning and distinct theme and artistic appeal after selection, choice, decomposition and connection of the great number of materials in films making. Editing is not only a necessary work in the process of film production, but also the last time in the process of the film art creation.

Editing professional training target is not only a solid foundation of literature and proficient in audio-visual language, but also be able to master the technology, including digital technology, including a variety of cutting technology, senior editor. Graduates are competent in the professional direction of the story, drama, documentaries, documentaries, films, advertising, MTV and other film editing work, but also with the ability and potential of the film director's work.

2. Video Clip

Movie editing is a kind of unified creation method. Its two different aspects - cut and editing, is an integral part of the whole. Cut and assemble the shot, paragraph in accordance with the structure, is the complete creation process of clip work.

Video clips can be divided into four levels to understand: connection between the lens; a paragraph several scenes clip; as the overall structure of the film clip; screen material and audio material combined with the clip.

The essence of film editing is to complete the shaping of clip montage image through the decomposition and combination of subject action. Montage is to plot service, through different editing method to improve the story, convey the content of the story, and let the audience to understand the outline of the story. For a complete story, picture editing and sound editing are both important, and the appropriate editing skills and the ability to clip the worker in the editing process.

1) video clip

2) sound clip

3. Animation Clip

Animation differs from film in the production process, the shot of the animation is made according to beforehand the footage, so the post editing work rarely overturn the original sub sequences, so main purpose of clip is to choose and give up completed lens, and ensure the natural convergence between lens.

4. Process Requirements

Film creation is generally divided into two stages: earlier stage and post stage, the early stage involves a series of work to get the original image material and original sound material, including the selection of topics, planning, interviews, and other steps of the actual shooting, which is the core part of the shooting. The latter involves the selection of the original material for modification and processing, so as to form the final music and other processes. The work is mainly carried out around the clip.

The basic process of editing work:

Preparation work:

1) Familiar with the material and modify the outline of the shoot.

2) Preparation of equipment.

3) Consultation with the relevant personnel.

4) Finishing material.

Clip stage: paper clip (editor's idea), initial shear, fine cut.

Inspection stage: check the expression of significance, check the picture, and check the sound.

5. Main Courses

Film editing art (series), editing technology (series), digital production technology (series), etc


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