Arts Degree Program in China - Film Production

1. Introduction

Film production refers to the process of making a film. The nature of the film determines the size and type of work teams needed during the production period.

General commercial film making can be roughly points three steps: first, before the shooting, including provided conception, writing stories, breakout outline, signed director, listed in the budget, write the script, look at location, looking for an actor, and decided to make team members. Second, shooting, namely under the command of the director mining intensive operation, and by the executive producer supervision overheads, filming schedule and all administrative matters. Three, after the shooting of the work, including editing, voice, music, design subtitles, the production trailer, as well as the expansion of pre publicity, etc.

In filming process, director should have detailed storyboard plan, and to develop shot sequence, in order to light changes, dominant actor under pressure to obtain rapid promotion. For the choice of camera, the lens, light placement, editing, scoring arrangements shall need staff and director closely cooperate in order to achieve the desired effect, so the film is the creation of groups, also directed by hidden personal vision of art in a variety of tension. Privately owned film less restrictions, only according to the film type (experimental film, film or documentary film) decision method. Or make list of fine storyboard, completely in accordance with the ex ante intentions shooting, to try to save the film; or endless hunt with lens, then clear the context by the post editing stages.

2. Production Process

1) Choose the script

2) Funds

3) Select directors, actors

4) Star squad

5) Formation of the crew

6) Publisher

7) Issue a poster, advertisement

8) International release of film

9) Participate in the film festival

3. Pre-production

In the early stage of production, the film must be designed and planned to complete the establishment of the production company and the production office. The entire production plan by illustrator and creation of visual artists, and made the storyboard. The production budget will be estimated in advance to control the cost of the film.

The producer will be hired by the following working group to make the previous:

1) Director - is mainly responsible for the performance part of the film, as well as the creative part of the management of the film.

2) Director assistant (AD) (or "deputy director") - manage the shooting schedule, responsible for the work of the film shooting and other logistics coordination.

3) Casting Director - in charge of finding suitable actors. Usually requires an audition for an actor. The main role must be carefully chosen, usually based on the popularity of the actor and the popularity of the decision.

4) Manager Location - must find and manage the location of the filming of the movie. Most of the movie was filmed in the environment can be controlled, such as studio sound stage; an occasional must be taken in the outdoor part, it must be on location.

5) Production Manager - manage production budget and production plan. He/she must also represent the production office, report status to the movie studio executive department or financial department.

6) Director of Photography (DOP) / Cinematographer - responsible for the part of the film. He/she must cooperate with the director, the voice Director (DOA) and the assistant director (AD).

7) Art director - responsible for the management of the art department, to take the scene of the shooting, costume design, as well as to provide make-up and hair service.

8) Production Designer - creating the shooting scene, visual appearance of clothing, makeup and hair and the overall atmosphere, feeling. Make these things with art director.

9) Storyboard Artist - responsible for drawing pictures, ideas to assist the director and the production team design guidance and communicate with each other.

10) Director of Audiography (DOA) / Sound Director (SD) - responsible for the entire film sound effects. He/ he has to work with the director, DOP and AD.

11) Sound designer - new sound effects required for the creation of a movie.

12) Composer - creating new music.

13) Choreographer - writing and composing dance and movement, usually used in musical theatre. Some movies also have fight choreographer.

4. Post Production

The film editor is in charge of cutting the film. Use modern video technology, the process of film video results in two categories: one runs through the whole film, and the other is mixed with video and film clips.

In the film work process, the original film is printed and copied to a one-light work print (positive) used for editing and splicing.

Photography: the film shooting, HD shooting

5. Film Editing Techniques

1) Cut in and cut out

2) Fade out and fade in

3) Wipe in and wipe out

4) Go out and go into

5) Overprint

6) Other optical techniques


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