Arts Degree Program in China - Film Studies

1. Introduction

Film Studies is a discipline that studies the film as a phenomenon of social culture, art phenomenon and mass media. Film studies is a branch of art, which includes the development process of the film, the aesthetic characteristics of the film, the law of the film creation, the classification of the film works and the social effect and aesthetic effects, etc.

Film studies program cultivates senior professionals of the radio and television arts discipline who can be engaged in the national radio, film and television system, and cultural divisions for radio, television program directing, art photography, sound design, sound directing, writing, screenwriting, production, social education and literary show host, etc.

2. Film Studies Branches

Film aesthetics, film philosophy, film poetics, film psychology, film sociology and film semiotics, etc.

3. Training Requirements

The students have the ability to plan, create, produce radio and television programs, and have a high political level, theoretical cultivation and artistic appreciation ability and so on

4. Core Competencies

(1) master the basic theory and knowledge of radio and television arts;

(2) the ability to observe and capture the development trend of social development, and the ability to express thoughts and feelings by means of radio and television;

(3) familiar with the principles and policies of the national news and the propaganda of literature and art;

(4) understand the dynamics of the technology development of the theory of radio and television;

(5) master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, with certain scientific research and practical work ability;

(6) have high artistic accomplishment and artistic creation ability.

5. Main Courses

The history of the world film, Chinese film history, film aesthetics, film modeling, film sound, photography art

6. Similar Programs

Art education, art category, art and design, direct, art science, film studies, radio, film and television director, art lighting, art and science and technology, photography and film making, music performance, music, composer and made known theories, dance, choreographer, drama, science, drama, film and television literature, broadcast television director, theater, film and television art design, recording arts, broadcasting and hosting art, animation, art, painting, sculpture, photography, calligraphy, Chinese painting, art and design, public art, digital media art.

7. Employment Prospect

(1) Vocational college and technical secondary schools.

(2) Press and publication organs. This includes newspapers, magazines and publishing houses and other units.

(3) The relevant state organs and administrative units. This mainly refers to the state administration of radio, film companies, local radio and television group and literary federation and other units.

(4) Film and television media industry. Mainly refers to CCTV, the local television station and a variety of television media companies.

(5) Corporate, corporate publicity department.


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