Arts Degree Program in China - photography & production for Film and Television

1. Introduction

Photography & Production for Film and Television program cultivates senior application-oriented professionals with good professional ethnics, basic quality in visual thinking and occupational cameraman, with a wide range of scientific culture and art theory knowledge, adapt to the development of the film industry, film and television industry to have engaged in film post production, mainly covers the basic skills of planning, photography, video editing, program package, video effects, advertising design, scene design, lighting, sets and other related work, can be engaged in the field of film and television and related industries, in the film director, film and television film and television special effects, packaging design, synthesis of three-dimensional effects animation, advertising design, etc.

2. Main Courses

Pictures photography, film and television means of modeling, video clips, directing basics, film and television sound, film production, CGI entry, film director production, film photography, film production, film audio creation and so on. Art introduction, China film history, the history of world cinema, writing elements, performing basic, basic art (sketching, gouache), music foundation, basic lighting, film aesthetics, movie type, visual language, film and television production process

3. Employment Prospects

Photography technician, media photographer, commercial photographer, photography teachers in colleges and universities, web photographer, photo editing, video editing, independent entrepreneurship, etc


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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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