Arts Degree Program in China - Fine-Art

1. Introduction

Fine-Art program cultivates senior specialized personnel in teaching and research, art review and editing, art management and museum for the field of fine-art history, fine-art education, and after graduation students can work in art education, art research, culture and museum art management, press and publication, etc.

2. Training Requirements

The teaching takes literary theory as the guiding ideology, the students mainly study the basic theory of art history, art education, basic knowledge and professional skills, and with relevant knowledge, training students the history and theory of combination, the combination of theory and practice of good style of study.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1) Fully understand and master the basic theory and basic knowledge of art;

2) Good art appreciation ability, logical thinking ability, comprehensive analysis ability, expression ability theory;

3) Understand and pay attention to the theory of the art of trends and cutting-edge topics;

4) Master the basic methods of literature search, data query, with a certain scientific research ability and practical work ability.

4. Main Subjects

Arts, education

5. Main Courses

Art history, art introduction, painting theory summary, paleography and ancient Chinese, the basis of art archaeology, introduction to painting and calligraphy identification, art and photography basis

Main practice teaching: including painting sketch, photography and darkroom operation, art relic study and museum professional practice.

6. Art Criticism

Art criticism and art history and art theory are three subjects that are both related and different. They constitute the basic content of the art. Art criticism uses some critical methods and principles to analyze and evaluate the form, language, theme, content, ideology and style of art works, to reveal its value, and analyzes their advantages and disadvantages, or phenomenon of art and art trend of thought and art schools and art activities are analyzed, reveals its inherent law and development trend, this activity is the art criticism or called art criticism. Art criticism and the writing practice is closely related to critics to participate in art activities, timely understanding of the creative trends, and promote the development of creative activities, art critics are sometimes involved in the planning of the art exhibition, organization creation seminars and other activities, therefore the art criticism is also a relatively strong operability and realistic activity. And art criticism is a theoretical summary of the laws of criticism; put forward the concept of criticism, criticism standards and methods, or a summary of the history of criticism, to establish a theoretical form of criticism.

7. Employment Prospects

Teachers, researchers, other educators who work in fine arts teaching and teaching research in higher and secondary schools.

8. Similar Programs

Musicology, composition and composition technology theory, music, performance, painting, sculpture, art, art design, dance school, choreographer, theatre, acting, directing, theatre, film and television literature, drama, film and television art design, photography, recording arts, animation broadcasting and to art, art, film and television, convention and exhibition of art and technology, landscape architectural design, digital media art


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