Arts Degree Program in China - Furniture Design

1. Introduction

Furniture Design refers to the use of graphics (or models) and text description methods, to express furniture modeling, function, scale and size, color, materials and structure.

Furniture design is not only an art, but also an applied science, mainly including three aspects: modeling design, structure design and process design. The whole process of the design includes the collection of information, ideas, drawing sketches, evaluation, samples, re evaluation, drawing production.

2. Furniture modeling

1) Function

2) Material and process characteristics

3) Shape image

3. Design Positioning

Design positioning is a leader, follower, and niche in the furniture industry. Furniture design positioning and positioning of furniture enterprises can be divided into three categories:

1) Upgrading product design of new materials, new technology and new structure.

2) The difference design of similar products.

3) The product design based on market demand gap.

4. Furniture Technology

Technology is an important means of making furniture. Process design is the basis of the realization of structural design. The mode of production and the technological process are determined by the process design, which plays an important role in the organization of production. The process design mainly includes two aspects: the structural analysis of furniture type, the determination of technical conditions, and the preparation of process card and process flow chart.

5. Furniture Structure

Reasonable structure: the way of joining and assembling of furniture parts. Reasonable structure can not only increase the strength of furniture, saving raw materials, easy to mechanical, automated production, but also to strengthen the personality of the art of furniture modeling. Structure design according to the functional requirements, material properties and process technology conditions, including three aspects: the choice of the way of engagement, stability check and strength calculation, the value analysis.

6. Training Objectives

Furniture design is to cultivate professional talents with basic theory of furniture design, with the comprehensive application ability of professional technology and the innovation spirit; with good aesthetic ability, furniture design and practical ability.

7. Courses

Design expression, perspective and drawing, CAD, 3ds.max, Photoshop, human engineering, furniture design, furniture manufacturing processes, etc.

8. Employment Prospects

Decoration company furniture designer, furniture company furniture designer, etc


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