Arts Degree Program in China - Industrial Design

1. Introduction

Industrial Design, shorted as ID design, refers to the design of industrial products based on engineering, aesthetics and economics.

Industrial design is divided into product design, environmental design, communication design, design management four categories, including design, mechanical design, circuit design, costume design, environmental planning, interior design, architectural design, UI design, graphic design, packaging design, advertising design, animation design, exhibition design, website design. Industrial design, also known as industrial product design, industrial design related to psychology, sociology, aesthetics, ergonomics, mechanical structure, photography, color study, etc. The industrial design brought out by industrial development and the division of labor is significantly different from other arts, production activities, and production and so on, it is a cross product of a variety of disciplines, technology and aesthetic concept

Generalized Industrial Design

Generalized industrial design refers to achieve a specific purpose, from the idea to establish a practical implementation of the program, and the use of a clear means of a series of acts. It contains all the design process of the use of modern means of production and service.

Narrow Industrial Design

Narrow industrial design only refers to the design of a product, that is, the response to the needs of the tools and equipment that are produced in the relationship between man and nature. The design includes the design of such materials as tools, equipment, and products that are needed to maintain and develop the survival and development of life. The core of product design is the product of the user's body; the heart has a good affinity with the match.

2. Training Objectives

This program develops senior application-oriented specialized talents equipped with the basic theory, knowledge and application ability of industrial design; can be engaged in the enterprises, professional design department, scientific research units for product design, visual communication design, environmental design and teaching, scientific research work.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and knowledge of industrial design, with the basic ability of applying modeling design principle and rule to deal with the relationship between the various products of the shape and color, form and appearance, structure and function, structure and material, shape and technology, products and people, product and environment, market and the unity relations in product modeling design.

4. Main Content

Product design, environmental facility design, visual communication design, digital design, exhibition and display design five professional research direction, the opening of the main descriptive geometry, shadow and perspective, engineering drawing, design preliminary foundation courses, and visual communication design and principle, the product design and principle, environmental facilities design and principle, industrial engineering design base, industrial design history and other related series of courses.

5. Main Subjects

Mechanical engineering, art

6. Main Courses

Engineering graphics, industrial design engineering foundation, design drawings, product diagram, plane composition, color composition, three-dimensional structure, ergonomics, design psychology, model making, computer aided industrial design, product form design, industrial design method, product design, visual communication design, environmental design

Car body styling design direction: add the engineering mechanics, the automobile outline, the body shape design, the man-machine engineering, automobile aerodynamics and so on

Art design direction: add graphic design, product packaging design, VI design, graphic design, advertising and poster design, interior design courses

Basic Courses

Visual communication, ergonomics, computer aided design, product modeling design, design procedures and methods, product design, corporate image design, environmental facilities design, design management

Practice Teaching

The program emphasizes practice, in addition to learning theoretical classes, students also participate in a variety of practical teaching subjects, such as art practice, practice of man-machine engineering, material engineering practice, visual communication design practice, products and environment cognition practice, practice woodworking, practice of product design, product structure internship, internship decoration structure, industrial design engineering based practice, graduation practice, graduation design. The main aspects of the model experiment, test images, engineering materials, woodworking experiment, experiment of metalworking technology, product structure experiment, decoration structure experiment, etc.

7. Knowledge and Skills

1) With a solid foundation of natural science, good humanities, arts and social science foundation and the ability to express the text;

2) Systematically master the basic theoretical knowledge, including basic knowledge of industrial design engineering foundation, design basis, design basis, design theory, man-machine engineering, material design and processing, computer aided design, market economy and enterprise management.

3) With the initial ability in new product research and development, strong experimental skills, practical ability, and aesthetic appreciation and creation ability and strong computer application ability;

4) With a strong self-learning ability and high comprehensive quality.

8. Employment Prospects

Employment range of the program is wide, graduates can be engaged in building products design, indoor and outdoor environment and facilities design, product packaging, advertising design, graphic design, display design, display design, product development and design, architectural design and research institute or related enterprises in the relevant professional departments for related design, scientific research and management work.

9. Social Attributes

Industrial design should pay attention to the following principles: creative principles; principles of market demand; the principle of giving priority to the user; pay attention to security principle; principle of target enterprise; principle of easy to master; principle of aesthetics; principle of protecting ecological environment.

10. Design Concept

1) New unity of art and technology

2) The purpose of the design is not the product, but the human

3) The design must follow the laws of nature and objective

11. Academic Category

1) According to the existence form of art: one-dimensional design, two-dimensional design, three-dimensional design, and four-dimensional design.

2) According to the relationship of human, nature and society, it is classified into product design, environment design, and communication design according to the essential meaning of the formation of the discipline.

3) In accordance with the concept of industrial design and definition classification: advertising design, display design, packaging design, and graphic design.

12. Industry Category

1) Product design

2) Corporate image design

3) Environment design

4) Design management

13. Social Functions

1) Design is the bridge between the enterprise and the market: on the one hand, the production and technology into the market demand for products, on the one hand, the market information feedback to the enterprise to promote the development of enterprises

2) Design concept determines the core value of industrial design and commitment to the user, and design strategy reflects the enterprise vision and planning for industrial design.

3) Design is an important resource of enterprises: good design will enable enterprises to have a better reputation, make the enterprise more dynamic and become a tool for the development of the company

4) Design is to establish a complete enterprise visual image of the means: enterprise visual image is the company to establish the best appearance of the brand image, which is a unique style of the company.


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