Arts Degree Program in China - Lighting Art of Film and Television

1. Introduction

Lighting Art of Film and Television is the program that cultivates professional technical talents who can be engaged in lighting design, lighting technology of drama, TV play and other stage, studio performances and the professional teaching and research work.

2. Practice Teaching

Combined with teaching, organize students to participate in the stage and studio lighting business practice activities.

3. Training Objectives

Students can master the use of lighting equipment, use lighting for artistic creation. Have ability of drawing the light art design diagram, performance drawings and engineering drawings, master the ability of lighting project construction technology and management, and can skillfully use computer to finish aided design of the light art.

4. Training Requirements

Students should be familiar with broadcast television and artistic principles, and policies; master the professional basic theory and skills, knowledge of relevant disciplines, have good cultural and artistic accomplishment, strong aesthetic feelings and creative thinking; can be engaged in the professional teaching and preliminary scientific research ability. The students focusing on studio lighting design should master lighting design professional skills systematically, capable of stage and television lighting design and art reflect work; those focusing on lights technology, should skillfully grasp stage and studio engineering technology professional skills, capable of stage and play broadcast hall lighting engineering and technical work.


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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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