Arts Degree Program in China - Modern Art

1. Introduction

Modern Art, also known as the modernist art, is called the art of "modernism" or "modern", refers to a general term of various art thoughts and genres with avant-garde and pioneer color which is different from the traditional since the 20th century.

Western modern art is made up of a variety of different types of visual style, which is based on the scientific and rational basis, the core of western culture in the west for hundreds of years.

2. Major Art Schools

Fauvism, cubism, futurism, expressionism, Russian supremacy and constructivism, the Dutch style, Dadaism, super realism, abstract expressionism, pop art

3. Main Features

The characteristic of modern art is to break the difference between the artist, the work and the audience, focusing on art intervening human life, which is deeply influenced by modern social culture but also criticizing the suppression of human nature by the realistic society.

4. Values

(1) Pursuit of pure

(2) Promote the original

(3) Form supremacy

(4) Self centre

(5) The whole monotonous.

5. Development of Art

(1) Land Art or Earth Art

(2) Installation Art

(3) Body Art

(4) Conceptual Art

(5) Process Art


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Wenzhou Medical University

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