Arts Degree Program in China - Multimedia Technology of Film and Television

1. Introduction

Multimedia Technology of Film and Television belongs to arts programs, which cultivates advanced technological and application-oriented specialists with the basic knowledge and skills of film and television media production, who master the advanced production methods, can be engaged in the production of video and audio media.

2. Main Content

Introduction to multimedia technology of film and television, multimedia system, multimedia information compression and storage, multimedia material production technology, multimedia program development, digital TV transmission standard and technology, hypertext and hypermedia, virtual reality technology

3. Main Courses

Sketch, charcoal drawing, color, image thinking foundation, color composition, design history, animal figures, two-dimensional design software, 3D design software, web animation, network advertising, camera techniques, advertising script editing, non-linear editing, advertising design, video post production, production of basic art, graphic design, computer graphics, TV programs, editing techniques, digital audio and video technology, virtual studio, multimedia programming, webpage making, etc.

4. Knowledge and Skills

Video and audio media production skills


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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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