Arts Degree Program in China - Music Performance

1. Introduction

Music performance is the re-creation of music. Through the performance of the instrument, the voice of the singing, as well as a variety of artistic means including command, the music with a specific sense of sound performance out, to convey to the audience, in order to play its social functions. It is the music creation and music appreciation of the intermediary, is an indispensable link in the music activities. Conductors, players, singers and others make different interpretations and performance through art practice and the music, and to the audience with different effects and feelings.

For the audience, music performance is not only an appreciation; but also understands the content and form of music. The necessary means, can also from the comparison of different music appreciation, identification, understanding some aspects of the performers have different explanations of the music is emphasized in the music; at the same time, the different playing styles and performance genre, performance skills, will promote the audience appreciation and understanding of music.

2. Romanticism


Representative figure

Historical position

3. Training Objectives

Develop senior specialized personnel with the ability of music performance, can be in professional literature and art groups, art institutions and other relevant departments, institutions engaged in performing, teaching and research work.

4. Training Requirements

Students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of music performances, to accept the professional and strict skills training, with a higher command or singing (playing) the ability.

5. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master the basic theory, basic knowledge of the profession;

2) Master the analysis method of music works;

3) With the ability to perform different styles and genres of music works;

4) understand the principles, policies and regulations of literature and art;

5) understand the development of the professional and related disciplines;

6) Master the basic methods of literature, data query, with the ability to preliminary scientific research.

6. Main Subjects

Art studies

7. Major Courses

Performance, music technology theory, music history, folk music and ensemble (singing) ensemble (singing) etc

The main practical teaching: including social practice and artistic practice, the general arrangement is 1--2 weeks per semester.

8. Similar Programs

Musicology, composition and music technology, music theory and performance, painting, sculpture, art, art design, art design, dance learn, choreographer, theatre performances, theater director, film and literature, drama, film and television art, design, photography, sound recording, animation art, broadcasting and hosting art, art science, video, exhibition of art and technology, landscape architectural design, digital media art.

9. Employment Prospects

Graduates may go to television, song and dance theatre (Group), TV production center, publicity departments, cultural and educational institutions engaged in singing, writing and music production work, and engaged in teaching and research work in Colleges and universities. Students of music performance major jobs have a piano teacher, music teacher, teacher, vocal music teacher, early childhood teachers, etc.

10. Major Categories

Music performance in accordance with the style, track, format and other standards, can be roughly classified as:

Electronic post, Latin, POP, MV and karaoke, Soundtrack, Children's songs, Comic, Traditional Music

Music education, Dance, Holiday music, Rock, Country, Classical, Folk, Easy Listening, Hip-Hop & RAP

Religious music, Others

11. Basic Elements

The strength, speed, rhythm, melody, harmony, tonality, melody, texture, cantus

12. Four Elements

Loudness, pitch, timbre and waveform envelope

13. Major Musical Instruments 

Chinese musical instruments

Western musical instruments

Flute, Violin


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